Get a James River Park license plate

James River Hikers - Hiking With History
James River Hikers - Hiking With History
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Mark yourself as RSVP only after you have purchased your license plate.

This is not a Meetup with a time, place and event to attend. It is an invitation and a request for you to help the James River Park.

Some Meet-up groups charge a fee for participating in events. We don't do that and don't intend to. Here however is another way members can make a contribution to the James River Park System.

Your contribution could be in the form of a James River Park System license plate. Mine is shown above.

DMV informs that, "As a revenue-sharing plate, after the sale of the first 1,000 qlalifying plates, $15 of the $25 fee is transferred to Friends of the James River Park and used to support its programs. The first 1,000 have been achieved, and therefore your registration will in effect be a $15 donation which will be repeated annually upon renewal.

You'll find details on ordering the plates here: