Jul 12, 7:15 a.m. – Annual Pop's Market Hike on Battle of the Boyne Day

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Legend Brew Pub

321 W 7th St., Richmond, VA · Richmond, VA

How to find us

On W 7th St. beside Legend Brewing Co., look for a cluster of smiling, hiker-looking people. Be on time!


Join us for this Pop's Market Hike on (according to your event organizer's wall calendar) Battle of the Boyne Day, celebrated in Northern Ireland. We'll make an 8-ish mile riverfront-and-urban trek, with a near-the-end stop for food and fun socializing at Pop's Market.

• Wait, what was the Battle of the Boyne all about?

In a nutshell, this 1690 battle ended the deposed King James VII's attempt to win back the thrones of England and Scotland, cementing the ascendency of William of Orange. Its commemoration is a big deal to the Orange Order in Northern Ireland. If you're curious, learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Boyne

• You're not curious about English history but do want to know more about this hike.

From W. 7th St. near Legend Brewing Co., we'll take the Buttermilk Trail a short distance west to the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, from there descending to the path under the Manchester Bridge to the western flood wall. We'll cross the James on Mayo's Bridge, then head east along the canal walk to Dock St. We'll take 25th St. up to East Main. After a few blocks farther east, we'll ascend to Libby Hill Park and go on to circle Chimborazo Park. On the far side of the park, we'll cross East Broad to East Marshall and take it west to the corner of 27th Street, where we may stop briefly due to the presence of a certain bakery (i.e. WPA) offering tempting treats. We'll weave our way farther north to M. St., taking it west to 21st St. and then Jefferson Park. Descending from that park to Shockhoe Bottom, we'll then head up East Broad to cut over on Governor St. and go through the Virginia State Capitol grounds. A few more blocks on East Grace will take us to Pop's Market (the 6.3-ish mile mark) for those of us who wish to share brunch. From Pop's, we'll take 5th St. south to a pedestrian bridge crossing Kanawha Canal to Brown's Island. And at not-so-long last, we'll recross the James on the T. Tyler Potterfield pedestrian bridge and head up a flight of many metal stairs to return to our starting point.

• What to bring

Bring plenty of water. Bring a snack. Bring your sense of humor.

• Important to know

We will depart no later than 7:15 a.m. Why so early? It's July. It's hot. We'll leave even earlier should everyone be present. Be early! Should someone wish to stop to photograph nature or answer its call, we'll stop. This won't be a stroll; our pace will be brisk, e.g., 2.5 or more mph. Please know your limits and be able to keep up.