• January 19th @ 6 PM Carytown Hike

    Location visible to members

    Join us to kick start your New Years resolution to get moving or whatever it may be. The route will vary depending on road construction and traffic.

    Details: This is a 4-6 mile hike starting in front of Citizen's Burger Bar. This hike will be a good pace and we do not take a lot of breaks. We will try to average 4-5 MPH and will mostly stay on the sidewalks.

    WHAT TO BRING: Hiking/walking shoes, snacks and water to stay hydrated!
    ORGANIZER WILL PROVIDE: Limited first aid supplies and encouraging attitudes.

  • Jan 19th, 3:45 pm: Reedy Creek to Belle Isle and Back.

    Reedy Creek Parking Lot

    We will be staying at least six feet away from others, unless you're in the same household.

    This is an Easy to moderate hike! Good for beginners, Is 4 miles from Reedy Creek to Belle Isle and back! We really enjoy the beautiful scenes of the James River!!! Bring Water. You may need to get there a little early, to be sure you can find parking. The lot there fills quickly on sunny days, During the warmer weather, please bring water and hydrate often.

    **Hike at your own risk. You are responsible for your own safety and well-being. Meetup, your hike organizer, nor any other Meetup member assumes no liability for you.**

  • Jan 19, 10 AM ~ Oregon Hill Loop

    Oregon Hill Overlook

    This four mile hike begins at the Oregon Hill Overlook located near the intersection of South Pine Street and Oregon Hill Parkway. We will follow Tredegar Street to Brown's Island and take the Canal Walk to the Pipeline. After crossing the Pipeline, we will follow 14th Street across the Mayo Bridge to the Flood Wall. The Flood Wall will take us to the Potterfield Bridge, Tredegar Street and back to the starting location.

    This is a hike over improved woodland trails and paved surfaces with almost no serious elevation changes. This hike will begin at the posted time, not five or ten minutes later. If you need help on directions, click on the small map (=>) at the right to display a larger interactive map. When you select "Directions" (upper left) the best route from your location to the Meet Up rendezvous spot will be calculated for you.

    Participants should be able to maintain a pace of 2.5 miles per hour and possess the ability to negotiate rocks, roots, low hanging branches, uncertain footing on hills, bridges and toxic plants in season. There is no parking lot. On street parking is available on one side of Oregon Hill Parkway and on S. Laurel and S. Pine Streets.

    • What to bring
    Water bottle, clothing appropriate for the season, a hat, aspirin, sun block, practical footwear, band aids.

    • Important to know
    Restroom facilities are available on Brown's Island and the Tredegar Parking Lot.

    • For a current local weather forecast of expected conditions around Forest Hill Park on hike day, go to https://www.wunderground.com/hourly/us/va/richmond/37.54,-77.51/date/2022-1-19

  • Jan. 18, 7:15 pm: Girl's HS Basketball #1 James River vs. #5 Monacan

    Monacan High School

    The #5 Monacan Chiefs (8-4) host the #1 James River Rapids (9-1)

  • Jan 18, 10am: Hike Bryan Park With or Without Dogs

    Joseph Bryan Park

    Everyone must be Vaccinated AND BOOSTERED to join us in walking on this hike. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    You are invited to walk with dogs in Joseph Bryan Park. Of course, those without dogs are welcome, as well! This will be a leisurely, moderately paced walk of 3 - 4 miles. There are paved roads and maintained trails. You should be able to negotiate tree roots, small rocks, weeds, and the occasional downed tree limb. There are a couple of paved, mildly steep, not too long hills. Dogs must remain on leash at all times. No retractable leashes, please. Bring water for your dog, and bags to clean up after them. No pit bulls or aggressive dogs please. HOW TO FIND US: We meet at the parking lot across the street from Shelter #1. How to get there? Go on the main road into the park, cross a short stone bridge; after that you veer RIGHT at each intersection until you get to a parking lot on your right. Meet in that parking lot. BRING: water, bug spray, sun screen, and if it’s chilly bring a jacket, gloves,. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Joseph Bryan Park was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

  • Jan 18, 6:27 am: Legendary Early Morning Hike #83

    Riverview Cemetery Richmond City, Virginia

    This is the 83rd Legendary Early Morning Hike, formerly titled - The Most Noble Order of the IHWDATJRH-HWHOTTBTJRSEIWD


    "I hiked with Dennis and the James River Hikers - Hiking With History on the trails by the James River so early it was dark."

    This hike where you can be Knighted becomes everyone's favorite, but you may not believe, understand or appreciate that until you have done it before dawn yourself.

    Only 6.23%, 304 of the current 4,876 James River Hikers, have been Knighted since Dec. 6, 2021.

    The 6:27 am start time, 55 minutes before sunrise, is timed so that we predictably will be on the suspension bridge to Belle Isle at an ideal time to photograph the beginning of the sunrise over the James River and Richmond. Sunrise January 18 is at 7:22 am.

    Here's a map of our May 13, 2021, 4 hour 10 min, 8.4 mile hike we completed at 9:16 am.


    Event organizer, Living Legend Duchess XL Knightess XLVI Star I Anne F has completed this journey 46 times and additionally the Longer Earlier Hike 40 times for a combined total of (86).

    Duchess XXII Knightess XXIX Crystal Star VIII Liz, CCM has completed this journey 29 times plus the longer Earlier hike 22 times for a combined total of (51).

    We will hike east from Riverview Cemetery to Belle Isle, head west on the Buttermilk Trail (or the river side trail if the group prefers) , cross the river again at the Boulevard (Nickel) Bridge, make a loop by the water plant and return east to Riverview Cemetery along a riverside path I promise you will find stunningly beautiful.

    Here's a map pinpointing the spot where we'll begin hiking.


    Don't make the mistake of entering Mt. Calvary Cemetery on your right as you enter the cemeteries or the mistake of parking at the Riverview Cemetery entrance.

    Take the first road after the flag pole on your right after entering the cemetery. Then drive all the way on the winding roads to the south eastern most corner of cemetery where you will find ample parking on the grass.

    You will literally be able to see the river from where your car is parked.

    Dog policy for Dennis’s hikes. Dogs are ok under the following conditions.

    1. Your dog will be on a leash and under your control the entire time of the Meetup.
    2. You will ensure that your dog keeps a distance from all the other hikers such that neither your dog nor its leash will become entangled with any of them. That’s another way of saying you and your dog will not be allowed to hike either adjacent to nor either closely directly in front of nor closely behind any of the other hikers.
    3. Your dog will not become the center of attention.

  • JAN.17, 6:15 pm - Urban Stair Climbing Hike 4-5 miles

    Bottoms Up Pizza

    "This Meetup requires staying at least six feet away from others unless you're from the same household."
    If you are late, you may be able to catch up by walking East on Dock Street to the Flood Wall pedestrian walk-through at the end of the Canal Walk or on the paved Capitol Trail. ***This is a moderate paced hike with a few short rest stops depending on what group wants at the time. This hike is short [masked] miles), but can be very *challenging due to all the flights of stairs we climb during this hike (thus is the reason it is called the "Mountain Training Hike"). Even though this is a group hike, each participant is welcome to choose whether he or she wants to do some stairs that are considered "optional" and opt out of doing any of the stairs at any time since there is no pressure from the organizer or other members. There will be several overlooks of the Richmond Skyline, Church Hill, and/or Shockoe Bottom. Hydrate before & during hike. Bring a headlamp, flashlight, or use your mobile phone flashlight app. when it is not Daylight Savings Time.

    *You will take over 10,000 steps (not stairs) which is well over the daily recommended amount in two hours. There are several sets of stairs to tackle which equals 1,149 stair steps but once again each participant decides which ones he or she wants to climb during the hike. The terrain is mostly paved and brick sidewalks. Some sidewalks are uneven. There is also a short dirt decline which has the usual stumps and small rocks. We will have brief breaks to take in the beautiful views of our city.
    PARKING: Park for free on the street. OR Park at the Capitol Parking Lot on Main Street directly across from the Amtrak Train Depot - costs $2 for 3 hours, $3 for 4 hours, or $4 for 5 hours.

    DOGS: Dogs are welcome. Please bring plastic bags to pick up your dog's droppings.

  • Jan 16, 8 am: The High-Point Church Hill Hike

    15th St & E Cary St, Richmond, VA

  • January 16, 7 am: Walkin' Woodlake

    The Pavilion at East West Legacy Park

    Brisk 6 mile walk around beautiful Swift Creek Reservoir and neighborhoods on flat, paved path. For those interested in walking 3 miles, you will have an opportunity to return to your car before we repeat the 3 mile loop. Bring bottled water. We leave promptly at 7am. Hope to see you there!

  • Jan. 15, 1 pm: Hike Henricus/Dutch Gap.

    Henricus Park/Dutch Gap

    This is a peaceful 800 acre park nestled between South Richmond and Chester VA., not far from I-95. Come join your fellow J. R. Hikers for a stroll along shaded paths. We will meet at the picnic tables at the end of the parking lot. From there we will walk over to the bluffs and see a magnificent view of the Varina-Enon bridge. We will also take a few moments to admire the "Dames" oblisk. Then we will head out on the 4.5 mile Dutch Gap Loop trail. Besides peace and solitude this hike offers abundant wildlife, views of the James River, a Tidal Lagoon and a graceful footbridge across a canal. This hike will begin promptly at 1:00 pm. If you are a first timer add a few minutes to your schedule. You will drive through the Dominion Power Dutch Gap coal plant this is the right way, keep going and you will come to a sign indicating a right hand turn into the park. Bring sturdy boots, water bottle, a snack( energy bars are good) and a positive attitude. Even though this seems like an easy hike I encourage you to bring a water bottle and a snack. You can still get dehydrated in this cool weather.

    We will have two Event Hosts. If there is enough interest we will each lead a hike. One will lead the usual 4.5 mile hike and the other a longer hike to explore a few spur trails. The longer option is expected to add less than two miles and will extend the posted ending time.

    There may still be construction at the entrance. There may be a traffic signal with a long (approx 5 mins) red light. Please obey this since it helps manage traffic on a one lane road. Allow extra time to arrive to be ready to hike at 1.

    If there is interest we will gather after the event for coffee and/or other beverages.