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Meet us at Kryptonite Kollectibles. Open gaming--join us or bring your own! ***PLEASE*** RSVP here on this Event Notification if you plan on coming. It helps us plan for you, and have great games available for you to play. Let us know if you will be late arriving--we will try to save you a spot. Gaming must end by 8:15. Clean up and exit the store (except if you are shopping) by 8:30. Have Fun, Play Games, Make Friends. Kryptonite Kollectibles has rules posted on the tables that we are expected to follow. Summarized they include: 1. Unattended children are not permitted. 2. Keep volume low and language clean. 3. Keep the area clean, and keep the walkways clear of gaming bags (they should go under tables) 4. Keep cell phones off the shelves. 5. On evenings, be cleaned up and out of the store by 8:30. There are no exceptions to these policies. Thank you. Please note also the Peghead Code of Conduct that every gamer is expected to follow: Janesville Pegheads Code of Conduct This code exists for the overall benefit all parties involved in this group. This includes but is not limited to the members, guests, Kryptonite Kollectables and their customers. 1) Have Fun - This is one of the tenements of the group “Have Fun, Play Games, Make Friends”. It is our primary goal to make sure everyone has fun. If there is a problem or concern or suggestion, please bring it up to the leadership group. 2) Treat other member’s games with care - Some members have invested a lot of money and sometimes time into their game collections. Please be aware of how you handle games that are not yours. Be mindful of bending cards tossing components, etc. 3) Be mindful of food and drinks - This goes hand in hand with #2 above. Please watch your food and drinks near games. Ask the game owner if it is okay to eat while playing the game. Try to use capped or lidded drinking containers. Also, if you are eating food that leaves a residue on your fingers don’t play a game while eating or make sure your fingers are clean before handling gaming components. No Cheese Fingers! 4) Play fair - No cheating in games unless the rules allow for it. 5) Be mindful of the audience of certain games - Please keep in mind that we game in a public space with the permission of the business. Keep you games PG-13 (or cleaner) as there are customers of all ages that visit the store. Games such as Cards Against Humanity will not be permitted. If you are unsure about a game, contact one of the leadership group. NMA is included in this as it is meant to be family friendly. 6) Use appropriate language - As stated above, the store is frequented by customers of all ages. Foul or offensive language should not be used. It is understandable when small “slips” happen, however, continued use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. 7) Be aware of trash talk - Most of us like some friendly trash talk but please be cognizant of other players and their feelings. Overly abusive trash talk is not tolerated. 8) One person teaching at a time - Please allow one person to teach a game at a time. This will cut down on confusion. If you have an issue with how a game is taught or would like to interject, please do so in a polite manner then allow the person teaching to continue. 9) No “Alpha Gamers” - When playing cooperative games, please allow for each person to play out their own turns. Do not try to play the entire game through the other players. It is always welcome to give suggestions and... 10) Be helpful - We are a close community and are friendly gamers. Please look out for your fellow pegheads and be willing to help out or offer advice when appropriate. It is not necessary to divulge an entire game winning strategy to another player, but some friendly advice would work. If the other player does not wish to receive your help, well then it's on them. 11) Be a good sport - You can’t win them all and some day you may lose a game. When winning, be humble and polite. Refrain from overly excessive celebration or trash talk, unless your friendly rivalry with the other player warrants it. Also, please do not be a sore loser. Keep a friendly attitude or at least one of indifference. 12) Respect other members’ personal space - Sometimes gamers can be crowded together given the group and size of playing surface. Just remember some people are not as comfortable in close quarters as others. Please be mindful of the personal space around other people when playing and interacting. 13) Be respectful towards staff - We are allowed to utilize the space at Kryptonite Kollectables. As such, please respect the requests of the staff. Staff will advise when they are closing, please be respectful of that time. If a staff member has a question, do you best to answer it or direct them to a member of the leadership group. 14) Be courteous towards customers - These are customers of Kryptonite Kollectables and not The Janesville Pegheads. The customers may potentially join our group. Please be friendly and polite to customers in the store. Answer questions about the group or games. If you are not one for talking with strangers (understandable), direct them to one of the leadership group or another Peghead. Understand that violations of the Code of Conduct will be brought to the attention of the violating member. Continued violations by a member will lead to that member being asked to leave the meetup and possible expulsion from the group. If any member witnesses a violation of the above code, they can bring it to the attention of the leadership group. Thank You. Your Leadership Group, Rob, Brian, Amber, Ethan, Eric, Ryan, and Cindy

Kryptonite Kollectables (In The Mall)

2500 Milton Ave · Janesville

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Janesville Pegheads Board Game Meetup -- Have some fun, play some games, make some friends!

Please join the Peghead Meetup founders Rob and Brian for the Pegheads Board Game Meetup. We are big fans of the Blue Peg Pink Peg and the Dicetower podcasts. We are interested in making new friends while enjoying a variety of board games, card games, and party games. We play for fun, not for competition (sportsmanship is important), and we’re always looking to balance our own interests in heavier games with great components while trying to find family games as well. We’ll always have games to teach new gamers, and we're usually watching for First Timers to help them get comfortable and find a game that matches their skills and experience. You’ll find us in the back of the store at Kryptonite Kollectibles, probably indulging in some heavier euros with worker placement, deckbuilding, and other modern game mechanics. Come down and ask to join us on one of our games, or bring your own to share! Just about everything fits our mission, except for video games, RPG's, and more adult-themed games like Cards Against Humanity. That's a great game with the right group, but it's not for us. We do have a Code of Conduct that you will find in the Discussions tab above. All attendees are expected to follow it as best they can.

In the end, we are just big fans of games, and we want to share our interest in the hobby. It's great fun. We take pride in this group being full of great people who are welcoming and accepting to everyone. PLEASE RSVP ON THE MEETUP SITE if you plan on attending, since it helps us prepare for your attendance and make sure we have good games available for you. In addition, as of spring 2016, almost all our meetups will RSVP to the full limit--that means you need to be sure to RSVP to reserve your spot. If your plans change, please change your RSVP to "NO" to allow other people to attend. Most of our meetups are well attended and will have people on the waiting list.

We meet roughly on a weekly basis, but the schedule rotates, so not always on the same night--check the schedule for meetup dates. Additional meetups can be scheduled if requested (on occasion pegheads do get together privately for meetups or RPG sessions that do not show up on the regular schedule).

If you are uncomfortable attending a meetup with 15-20 people, please message the Leadership Team--we probably can set up a smaller meetup just for a few people to accommodate your needs.

Our meetups are free, supported by people who have contributed to our meetup fees by donations on the site, or cash donations at our meetups. On occasion we might charge for special events, particularly larger all-day events or tournaments, where a few bucks helps us with food/soda and potentially prizes. If you have enjoyed playing with us, feel free to "Chip In". Any money we get will go to help promote our group through things like T-Shirts, or future fees for larger event halls, like the Janesville Women's Club which has been an outstanding place for our big NMA events.

You can also find our guild on boardgamegeek at

Our current administration fees for the meetup page are paid up through Dec 2016.

Rob is “hastyhobbit” on boardgamegeek. Feel free to drop me a note on BGG or you can reach me at to inquire about my game collection, or ask me to bring in a specific game at one of our meetups.

Kryptonite Kollectibles

1441 Plainfield Ave Janesville, WI 53545-0281 (brick and mortar store)

Also, located at the Janesville Mall, where we typically meet to play.

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