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Chat Over Coffee
Chat with fellow web devs in the area! Keeping the group small again for these social sessions. GRs again for their good coffee! ☕️☕️

GR's Sandwich Shoppe

2100 E Milwaukee St · Janesville

What we're about

Let's meet and talk about web dev!

Meet and network with fellow web devs from Janesville and surrounding areas — explore new tech, latest trends, lessons learned, chat over coffee/lunch and maybe even code together to make a simple app.

P.S. To clarify Web devs = any front-end, back-end or both. If you do something that's got to do with building/maintaining pieces of a website, IMO you are a web dev! Or if you're just starting into web dev, you are a web dev too! So please join up! Everyone is welcome 🙂

Possible Topics:
- Back-end technologies like .NET, PHP, Java and others.
- Javascript and its bajillion frameworks.
- CSS and other styling technologies.
- APIs and web services. Patterns. Building them. Consuming them. Etc.
- Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Squarespace, etc.
- General best practices.
- Deployment patterns.
- Cloud
- And so much more!

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