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Neo Japan - An Immersive Japanese Event - ネオ:ジャパン
---- Important --- Priority will not be given to ticket holders and tickets will not be checked at the entrances. Tickets were made available on eventbrite to allow us to reach more people but not as a way to restrict the number of guests. However please note that due to the popularity of the event, numbers may be restricted to ensure that we meet health and safety regulations. --- Neo-Japan combines the rustic elements of traditional Japan with a hi-tech, neon vision of the future. Using Chochin paper lanterns, Inari Taisha fox statues, cherry blossoms and striking neon lighting, guests will be transported into a homely, yet futuristic Japanese world. • Ticket Price: FREE • Venue: my neighbours the dumplings, 165 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 8EQ PROGRAMME SUMMARY The event will be split into two different areas: Tokyo and Kyoto. In turn, each of these rooms will host a range of different events during the day and night, switching at 5pm. • Daytime (11am - 5pm) During the day these two areas will host workshops, oldschool/indie video games, movies, 80's style Japanese adverts, ambient noise of Japanese city life and more. During the day we will serve dumplings, Asian tea and matcha cocktails. The Tokyo City area will immerse you in the hustle and bustle of Japan’s capital. Ambient noise recorded on the streets of Tokyo will paint the background with Japanese chattering, public transport and shopfronts. Adding to the scenery, a projector will be running old Japanese commercials. Information about the Japan Nakama app, our sponsors and other Japanese-related product/services will be available around the venue through spotlighted posters. A gaming area will showcase brand-new/upcoming indie games alongside retro classics on the SEGA and SNES. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the first person to play a future hit! The Kyoto Garden area will evoke the zen aspects of Japanese culture. Opportunities to learn and try different Japanese arts and crafts will be a relaxing way to socialise and learn new skills. • After Dark (5pm - 11pm) Once evening comes the vibe will switch, slowly moving activities to the dancefloor. The city-life ambience will remain in the corridor connecting the two areas, but each room will alter its mood. Alongside dumplings, a broad selection of authentic Japanese sake, craft beer, whisky and matcha cocktails will become available. Tokyo City becomes Neo Tokyo. The bar will open and the lights will dim, giving way to eclectic music by DJ’s from some of London’s most esteemed radio stations. Everything from 80’s Japanese city-pop to vaporwave-inspired disco will heat the neon dancefloor. Delicious cocktails, Sake and Japanese craft beer are ready behind the bar. And don’t worry, the video games will stay where they are. Kyoto Gardens becomes Neo Kyoto. After the workshops have been packed up, cyan and magenta lighting will ignite the neon-floral ambience. DJ’s will set the mood with a more electronic style to a visual backdrop of anime classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. More Information:

My Neighbours the Dumplings

165 Lower Clapton Road · London

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