Past Meetup

Hanami Pikuniku (flower watching picnic)

Location image of event venue


"hana" means Flower and "mi" is to watch/look
Hanami is a tradition in Japan of watching Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) flowers usually in the spring-time. We will try it here too :-)

We will meet near the Sakura trees on the South-West side of the park. (If all else fails, just keep walking until you see Sakura Trees :)

Please bring plates and glasses.

We need some picnic blankets! Please bring some picnic blankets if you have some extras (or a tarp).

Everybody is expected to bring something (food or drink)! It doesn't have to be a lot, just enough for everybody to get a taste. Please say what you will bring in your RSVP so we can avoid 20 orders of sushi.

If you have some fun picnic toys (like a frisbee or a football) feel free to bring it

I will send out a message if it is going to be cancelled because of rain on the morning of April 19th. Lets hope for some nice weather!