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The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,272
Along with Wong-San is Mah Bucho-San and another Toyo-nin Oriental Man. They come aboard the Kawa Shima Maru and Wong-San says, "Kore wa Matsumoto-San. Hito wa Nihonjin to Imasu". Nobunaga Sensho-San greets Matsumoto-San, "Hajimemashite Matsumoto-San. Parakou Kaisha to issho ni Hatarakimasu ka?", asking Matsumoto-San if he works for the Parakou Shipping Company. Matsumoto-San responds, "Hajimemashite Nobunaga Sensho-San. Sumimasen. Parakou Kaisha dake Hatarakimasen. Nihon Seifu ni Hatarakimasu. Watashi wa Tennoo Sama Shobai no Tsuyaku-nin. Kono Minato no mawari ni subete Nihongo wa Honyaku Shimasu", explaining that he is the official Japanese Government Translator for around Hong Kong Harbour. He is employed by the Empire of Japan to be in Hong Kong Harbour serving as a Japanese/Chinese Interpreter for any Japanese Ship that may come into this Harbour. If he serves to make a Translation for a Japanese Ship, the ships identity is taken down, and a bill sent to the Japanese Ship's Company, but in this instance, it is Wong-San's Parakou Shipping Company who is going to be picking up the Kanjosho Bill for his services.

Wong-San then says, "Yoshimune ShOko-San wa Matsumoto Tsuyaku-San to issho ni Kenbutsu Shimasu dewa Ki No Ronin Bushi-San wa Watashi to issho ni Kenbutsu Shimasu", saying in his best Japanese that Yoshimune ShOko-San and his party going off for Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave with Matsumoto Tsuyaku-San and Wong-San will be going off with Ki No Ronin and his Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave Party of Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, Nishihara-San, and Sakurazawa-San.

That sorted, they all gather on the Quarter Deck and making sure that they have everything they need in their Nimotsu Bags for their 24 Hours Riku Kyujitsu Shore Lave turn and bow towards the Senkyo Bridge of the Kawa Shima Maru. Yoshimune ShOko-San steps forward and bows again to Nobunaga Sensho-Sama and says, "Sumimasen Nobunaga Sensho-Sama. Riku e Shuppatsu Shite mo Idesu ka?".

Nobunaga Sensho-Sama bows back and nods down his approval, "Hai, Dozo! Takusan Tanoshimi wa Iwattekudasai, Dozo!".

They bow back and all file off down the Gangplank in single file and gather around. When they are all off, Wong-San waves for them all to follow him, "Watashi to issho ni Kitekudasai", and they all head Kita North along the Docks, ShOko O-takunin Officers going first with the Norkumii-nin Sailors following behind. As they go along, they pass by various other Fune Ships of various types, and eventually walk up to the Hailong. Waiting there is several Chugokujin Norikumii-nin Chinese Sailors from the Hailong. They want to join them on their Riku Kujitsu Shore Leave. They bow towards them and they join in with the Nihonjin Norikumii-nin Japanse Sailors. They mingle amongst each other, giving each other playful Punches and Ribbings along with Bows of Respect. Wong-San's Tomodashi Friend Tam ShOko-San is also joining them.

They then carry on walking along and get to the Kita North end of the Docks where there is a Gate House which is big enough for all sorts of Carts and Wagons to go through, but is locked up at Night for Security. Around the Docks is a great hard Wood and Steel Security Fence. At the Gate House, there are several Banpei-nin Guard wearing Colours of the Parakou Shipping Company.

They turn Higashi East with Wong-San still leading. Then get about one block over and Wong-San points Minami South and says, "Aqua Ryoriya wa Arimasu. A Soko ni Ki No Ronin Bushi-San Kenbutsu Shudan wa tabun Ikitaidesu." Wong-San then points towards the next block over to the Higashi East and says, "Kono TOri e Hutong Ryoriya Arimasu. Mah Bucho-San to Matsumoto-San wa Yoshimune ShOko-San to Issho ni kochira ni Ikimasu". The Divisional Chief Mah Bucho-San goes off with the Japanese Tsuyaku Matsumoto-San and Yoshimune ShOko-San.

They then divide into their separate groups and with Wong-San, Tam ShOko-San, Ki No Ronin and his party of Norikumii-nin Sailors, they then go South along the Tori Street. Along this Street, there is many Stone and Brick Buildings that house various Kaisha Businesses and Ichiba Markets. Downtown Kowloon Hanto Peninsula seems to be about 8 Square Blocks of Named Streets with Stone and Rock Buildings with about 2 to or 3 Stories. There is Three Main Roads that come into Kowloon Hanto Peninsula. The Roads that come in along the Engan Coastline and the one that goes North inland into China. All along the Engan Coastline are various Village Huts and Houses made of light Bamboo and Wood and the various Houses about the area are connected with Horse Trails. There is a lot of Cottage Industries in the surrounding area of various descriptions. There are Billboards about advertising some of those Cottage Industries.

Ki No Ronin turns to Wong-San and while pointing to the Street they are walking on, asks, "Kono TOri no namae wa Nani Desu ka?", to which Wong-San replies, "Kore wa Canton Tori Desu", saying that the name of the Street is Canton Street. It doesnt take them too long to walk down the 3 blocks to where the Agua Restaurant is. They arrive, Wong-San opens the door and holds it for all to enter.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,284

They go in and on the left is a Yatai Concession Counter with many BarBQed Kamo Ducks, Buta Pigs and Niwa Tori Chickens. It is a rather large room with about a dozen large Chabudai Dinning Tables. The Daidokoro is through two Fusuma Sliding Doors. The Kabe Walls are painted a Dark Rich Aka Iro Red with Wallpaper lining the Kabe Walls that show Oriental Kin Iro Tatsu Golden Dragons. There are several people there already dining and there is three Pretty Waitresses who are doing the service. The Owner of the Restaurant is at the Counter. He also Cooks and serves the Kyakysama Customers as well.

When the walk in, the Restaurant Owner smiles and greets Wong-San very politely and one of the Waitresses rushes over and starts bowing towards Wong-San as well, ready to give him service. It is obvious that they know Wong-San and are delighted to see him again. They then show them to their Chabudai Tables. Wong-San has reserved two tables for their group. When they get to the Tables, there is a Utsukushii Lady siting there with a Kawaii Young Girl who looks about 15 or so. Wong-San then introduces them, "Kore wa Terika Kanai-San soshide Sunyee Wong Musume-Chan. Aite Kudasai, Dozo", introducing them as his Wife and Daughter.

Wong-San, Ki No Ronin, Tam Shoko-San along with along with Terika-San and Sunyee-Chan sit at one table while Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, and Nishihara-San along with three Chugokujin San-nen Chinese Sailors who came with them. The Owner comes over and Wong-San introduces him, "Kore wa Horrera Zhou-San". Wong-San then turns and then starts telling Zhou-San the story about how the Kawa Shima Maru had come and saved them and their Valuable Cargo of Herbs from Pirates. It takes about 10 or so minutes of him telling the story, the whole time, Zhou-San is nodding wide eyed and bowing towards Ki No Ronin and his fellow Norikumii-nin Crewmen. The two other Waitresses have stopped to listen to the story. They seem to be very impressed and they turn and give those two Chabudai Tables extra special service.

Menus are passed around, and seeing as this is the late Breakfast Hour, Ki No Ronin decides to have Egg Fu Young with Chicken Chow Mein, so he orders that and drinks Midori Ocha Green Tea. He looks over and notices that the other Table has already had some Sake Rice Wine brought to their Chabudai Table. Ki No Ronin grins and thinks to himself that those guys are already getting started early with their Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave Celebration.

Food is brought shortly after it is ordered and then sit fairly quietly as they eat their food in a good mindful meditative state. This is only a quick stop to get something to eat as they are Onaka Suki Mashita Hungry. Once they are finished, they have to go around the block to one of few Hotels in the Machi Town and check in Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, and Nishihara-San as that is where they will be staying for their Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave. Two Rooms have been reserved for the Crewmen of the Kawa Shima Maru at the Parakous Shipping Company's Expense.

Once they are done, the Kanjosho Bill is quickly paid and they gather their Nimotsu Bags and Wong-San leads them up one block over to the East and there is a nice Sam-Gai Three Story Hotel. It is a fine Wood and Brick frame building. They file in and get the Kagi Keys to the Heya Futatsu Two Rooms. They drop off all of their Nimotsu Baggage. They store Ki No Ronin's Nimotsu Baggage there also until they can get back later.

Once they have finished dropping off their Nimotsu Baggage, they get a series of Four Rickshaws to take them up the North Road. It is a quick 15 minute trip when they come upon a Stable of Uma Horses. Wong-San has arranged for them to rent some Uma Horses in order to go for a Kenbutsu Siteseeing Ride around Kowloon Hanto Peninsula. Terika-San and Sunyee-Chan has a small horse drawn bugey to ride in. Upon seeing the Fine Uma Horses, Ki No Ronin quickly gets out of his Ricksaw, smiles, and bows towards Wong-San saying, "Sugoi! Kore wa Utsukushii na Uma Desu. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu". Of course, being of Samurai Family Lineage, Ki No Ronin not only has trained on handling Uma Horses, but also Ai Suru Loves Horses. Ki No Ronin then confidently goes over, picks out a Good Uma Horse and gets onto it. He quickly gains control of the Uma Horse and takes it for a quick ride around the Corral.

Then Terika Wong Oku-San and Sunyee Musume-Chan get into their Bugey with Wong-San driving and each of the Norikumii-nin Sailors is given a Uma Horse of their own. They get on and they get control of their Uma Horses and they file out of the Corral, all following Wong-San as he drives the Bugey with his Wife and Daughter.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,286
They go Minami South down the Michi Road towards the Machi Village, but after about 200 Meters, Wong-San signals a turn to the Migi Right and takes a righthanded turn along a Dirt Michi Road and the others follow. They are all trotting along at a brisk pace as they head through the thick Mori Forest of Utsukushii na Ki Beautiful Trees. They trot along passing all sorts of Uchi Houses and Dwellings. Amongst the Mori Forest, there are a lot of people who are residing there. There is a Uchi House or Hut every 50 meters down the Dirt Michi Road. At each Uchi House, there are people seen who are tending to their Niwa Gardens. Each Uchi House has a Kome Rich Paddy as well as patches growing all sorts of other vegetables. Several of the Uchi Houses have Name Plates up for who lives there and also frequently has another Komban Sign advertising some sort of Cottage Industry that particular Uchi House does. There is Uchi House that is next to a Ogawa Creek and they have rigged up a Water Wheel and the Komban Sign advetising Kiji Fabric Weaving and Ito Thread Spinning. The next is advertising being a Kajiya Blacksmith who specializes in Iron Gates and Door Frames, as well as the Uma Kutsu Horse Shoes. Then there is a Niwa Tori Nogyo Chicken Farm with a Komban Sign up advertising Tomago Eggs as well as Butchered Niwa Tori Chickens. They go by a couple of more Uchi Houses and find a Komban Sign advertising Kutsu Shoemaker Shop, then they go by an open field which has flocks of Hitsuji Sheep. That is probably the Bokujo Farm which supplies the Ito Thread and Kiji Fabric maker they had passed by before.

Being on Uma Horses and since their groups first 3 Riders are dressed in the arch typical clothing of the Warrior Class, with Wong-San and Tam-San wielding their Katana Swords and Ki No Ronin wielding his Oaken Bokken Stick (having left his Katana safely locked up back in the Kawa Shima Maru), they are getting a lot of locals bowing politely to them as they pass by.

For about 20 minutes of them going along this Dirt Michi Road and they get to see all sorts of Beutiful Hana Flowers, enjoying the smells of the Mori Forest, and listening to the Tori Birds singing. Then they pass by a House that is advertising Teas and Herbs that they come to a Paved Michi Road. It is the Engan Michi Coastal Road that runs along the Coast to the West of Kowloon Hanto Machi Town. They turn Migi Right again and the are now trotting down a fairly well travelled Michi Road. There is all sorts of people coming into Kowloon Machi Town, either riding on mounts, or walking carrying their wares. They always bows respectfully towards each other as they go by. Shortly after travelling along this Michi Road, there is a break in the Mori no Ki Forest Trees and there exposed before them is a large Hama Beach of Shiro Iro Suna White Sand. Wong-San turns and points down towards it and says, "Kono Hama de Ittekudasai". Ki No Ronin nods in agreement and looks back and winks at the following Norikumii-nin Sailors who are following to make sure they understand. They Nod and Bow back and follow on when Wong-San cracks his Horse Whip and carries on down the Paved Michi Road.

They go along the Michi Road for the next 300 meters or so, then there is a Chisai na Michi Small Path that turns off to the Hidarii Left and leads down to the Hama Beach. Wong-San signals with his Horse Whip to the Hidari Left and turns. Everyone follows and after a quick 5 minute trot, they arrive at the Hama Beach.

There is several Uchi House and Huts along this Hama Beach, all seeming to be involved with the Sakana Tsuri Fishing Trade. There is a Uchi House that weaves and repairs Sakana Tsuri no Ami Fishing Nets. There is a Zaimoku Kaji Wood Working Shop that works on building and repairs Chisai Fune Small Boats. When they look out to the Kaiyo Ocean and see that there is Sakana Tsuri Ami Fishing Nets out with Floating Boeys out marking their location. There is few RyOshi-nin Fishermen keeping watch over their Ami Nets.

When they get to the open part of the Hama Beach, Wong-San stops and announces, "Doko demo kono Hama no mawari ni Muryo ni Uma no ue ni Notteikudsai, Dozo!", inviting their group to enjoy Riding their Uma Horses up and down the Hama Beach. Ki No Ronin does not need anymore than that invitation. He immediately kicks the sides of his Uma Horse and gallops down the Beach, which is about 5 or so Kilometers long. Tam ShOko-San follows and catches up with him and almost passes, but they end up at the other of the Beach before Tam ShOko-San can pass him. They smile and bow at each other and then look back and they see that the Chinese and Japanese Norikumii-nin seem to be playing a game of Tag on Uma Horses. They can see Wong-San drives his Bugey up to a Uchi House that has a Komban Sign up advertising that they are some sort of Jun Kissa-Ten Tea House and Cafe along with selling Sakana Tsuri Bushi Fishing Supplies and his Oku-San Wife and Musume-Chan Daughter get out and they go over and get some Drinks for themselves. They sit down at a Chabudai Table that is set up for Customers and they enjoy watching the Norikumii-nin Sailors riding around on their Uma Horses. Wong-San gets back into the Bugey and starts driving it up and down the Beach amongst the other Riders. They are all Smiling and Laughing at the enjoyment of being able to ride such beautiful Uma Horses about. They are now enjoying being able to relax and be carefree after spending months at Kaiyo Sea, always having to be watchful for the various sorts of Dangers of the Kaiyo Ocean.

After about 2 or 3 hours of enjoying riding Uma Horses about on the Beach, they all start to get Onaka Ga Sukimashita Hungry, and they remember seeing a small roaside Jun Kissa-Ten Cafe and Seafood Restaurant that is at the intersection of the Dirt Michi Road and the Paved Michi Road. Terika Oku-San and Sunyee Musume-Chan get back into the Bugey with Wong-San and they go back up the Chisai Mich Small Path and then make their way back to that roadside Jun Kissa-Ten Cafe. They pull in, get off their Uma Horses and tie them up to some standing posts. They then go inside the Jun Kissa-Ten Cafe.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,290
There are Chabudai San Mitsu Three Dining Tables and there is some People sitting at one of the Chabudai Dining Table. As they file in, the Chinese Dansei Man and Josei Woman with a small Kodomo Child. Upon noticing the Bushi San-nin come in first followed by the Norikumii-nin Sailors, they turn and bow towards them. Ki No Ronin and his party bow back politely and they occupy the two other Tables with Ships Officers and the Wife and Daughter at one table and the Norikumii-nin Sailors sitting at the other. A rather Kawaii Attractive young Girl comes out from behind the Counter and bows politely as she assists Wong'San's Oku-San Wife and Musume Daughter to their chairs and then helps the rest of their chairs, smiling happily as she has already concluded that there are important Kyakusama Customers and during the night before, one of her Regular Kyakusama Customers had come in the night before, telling the story of the Japanese Merchant Ship coming into Harbour playing Taiko and bringing in a Chinese Merchant Ship that they had saved from Indonesian Pirates. In this quiet little Minato Port, news like this spreads through the community in no time.

As the Party is making themselves comfortable in their Isu Chairs, the Kawaii Attractive Waitress brings Yunomi Tea Cups and a Dobin Tea Pot of Midori Ocha Green Tea. She puts the Yunomi Tea Cups down and fills them all, distributing the Yunomi Tea Cups and when Wong-San drinks, then everyone else Drinks. Then Wong-San speaks to the Waitress who replies happily and politely, then turns to Ki No Ronin and says, "Kanojo no Namae Pei Yi-San to Imasu". Ki No Ronin nods and turns, puts his hands together in a Peaceable Fashion and says, "Hajimemashite Pei Yi-San. Hajimemashite", to which Pei Yi-San smiles and says back to him, "Hajimemashite, Hajimemashite!" figuring it would be polite to repleat his Japanese Greeting back to him. Pei Yi-San then hands out Teika Menus to all, bowing to all and after being assured that need no more service for the moment, turns and tends to her other two Kyakusama Customers and then goes back to the Counter where the Itamae Chef-San has come out and seeing that there are some important Kyakusama Customer. When he is noticed, be bows to them pleasantly and then disappears back into his Diadokoro Kitchen.

While they are reading their Teika Menus, all being able to understand it since it is in Kanji, Wong-San gets Ki No Ronin's attention and pointing farther down the Engan Coast to the Nishi West and says, "Kochira e Onsen Yokujo wa Arimasu. Kono Hirogohan no ato ni kono Onsen no naka ni Oyogi Shitai Desu", using the Japanese he has learned in the past two months. He has studied hard and is getting quite capable of making his meanings clear. Ki No Ronin's eyes go a bit wide with excitement as he loves hearing this news that there is a Onsen Hot Springs just farther down the Engan Coast. Ki No Ronin nods happily in Agreement and turns and says to his Japanese Norikumii-nin Crewmates, "Kochira e Onsen wa Arimasu. Sugu ni Ikuru koto ga Dekimasu", to which his Norikumii-nin clap their hands, do a few shouts of "Bonzai!" and bow toward Wong-San for being the barer of such news of this Onsen Spring in which they can go for a Oyogu Suru Swim in.

Then they settle down and take up their Teika Menus and find that they are Jun Kissa-Ten Cafe that sells mostly Sakana Fish Dishes, although they do have various types of Chow Mein, Won Ton Soup, and BarBQed Pork. There is lots of Smoked, Salted, or Jerkied Sakana Fish of all sorts. Ki No Ronin looks all this over and decides he would like three nice Pine Smoked Herring, a scoop of Chicken Chow Mein with some Deep Fried Prawns. Upon seeing that a lot of Norikumii-nin seem to have made their decisions on what they want from the Teika Menu, Pei Yi-San comes over, bows politely, and starts taking their Chuman Orders. As soon as the last Chuman Order is taken, Pei Yi-San rushes into the Diadokoro Kitchen and gives the Chuman Order to the Itamae Chef-San. Pei Yi-San then reappears with a Bowl of Fried Noodles and Won Ton Soup and puts it on the other Chabudai Dining Table for the other Kyakysama who are in the Cafe.

One of the Chinese Norikumii-nin Sailors gets Pei Yi-San's attention and makes another Chuman Order. Ki No Ronin overhears that the Norikumii-nin Sailors has ordered a Tokkuri Wine Jug of Sake Rice Wine. Ki No Ronin decides it is late enough in the day to start having some Sake Rice Wine and snaps his fingers to Pei Yi-San, makes a Sake Drinking motion and signals to himself while saying, "Watashi Tashi Mo", to which Wong-San understands and says it again in Chinese. Pei Yi-San understands, nods and winks then goes off to the behind the Counter, quickly brings out a try of Saka Zuki Rice Wine Glasses and pours Two Tokkuri Ni-bin Rice Wine Jugs full of Sake Rice Wine. Pei Yi-San then brings the tray to the Chabudai Tables and distributes them. The Norikumii-nin then fill each other Saka Zuki Glasses and make a toast to Pei Yi-San and her June Kissa-Ten Cafe, "Kampai".

By the time they have finished their frist Saka Zuki Glass of Rice Wine, Pei Yi-San and the Itamae Chef-San brings out many platters of Tabemono Food and distributes to the Table. With a round of Three Clappings and cries of "Ita Dakemasu", they take up their Hashi Chopsticks and dig in eating their feast of good Chugoku Shoku Chinese Food.

As they eat, there are comments such as "Oishi", "Sugoi", and "Takusan Yoroshii". When they are finished, they get their Kanjosho Bill and pay it, with a large tip for Pei Yi-San and after bowing appreciatively, they file out and they all get back onto their Uma Horses, having also taken a couple of Wine Skins full of the Kun Kissa-Ten's Sake Rice Wine.

They then file out and start Riding Nishi West along the Paved Michi Road and they trot along, with Wong-San saying, "Kore wa Ichi Jikan ni tabun Iki Nakareba Narimasen, saying that the trip with take about an Hour. For about 40 minutes when Wong-San stops and turns Kita North along a Dirt Road up into a Sammyaku Yama Michi Mountain Valley Road. They go along for another 20 minutes when they come to a rather large Uchi House that is actually built of Bricks and Mortar and it has a Komban Sign indicating it is the Onsen Hot Springs Pool. They get off their Uma Horses and secure them to holding posts. With Wong-San leading, they all file in.
Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,294
I have just finished writing another scene of my Voyages Story. It is an Adult Rated Scene of the Voyages Story.

If you want to read it, make a Request by PM and I will PM the Adult Rated Scene over to you.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,299
It takes only about 12 minutes for them to get to the Hutong Ryoriya Restaurant from the Uma Horse Stables and when they get there, Wong-San goes in first and states in Chinese that they are the Wong Party. The Hostess smiles, bows and takes a whole bunch of Teika Menues and motions them to follow. There is Two Chabudai Futatsu Dining Tables reserved for them, but since there are now Five more Chinese Girls, they have to get a third Chabudai Dining Table made up for them. Wong-San, his Kazoku Family, Ki No Ronin along with his new Onna Tomodashi Ladyfriend Quinn-San and one of the Chinese Norikumii-nin Sailor from the Chien Shing, Ching-San, sit at one table. The others sit at the other two Chabudai Ni Futatsu Dining Tables in a Mix of Japanese Norikumii-nin, Chinese Norikumii-nin with Josei Chugokujin Chinese Girls amongst them. They seem to be communicating by writing down Kanji onto pieces of Kami Paper that is provided by the Waitress. The Teika Menus are distributed and Ki No Ronin reads over what is available to be ordered. Seems there is a lot of Sakana Fish Dishes on this Teika Menu on this Menu, but being a Minato Port City, that is no surprise. The Meibutsu Special of the Day seems to be BarBQed Kakin Poultry this evening, either Niwatori Chicken or Kamo Duck. Ki No Ronin decides that since it has been such a long time since he has had Kamo Duck, he orders that with a side of Agemono Kuruma Ebi Deep Fried Prawns with some Gyu Niku Beef Chop Suey. Quinn-San orders BarBQed Niwatori Chicken, but orders an Chawan Bowl of Wonton Soup to have as a Shokuzenshu Food Appetizer.

At the Onsen Yokujo, Ki No Ronin learned that Quinn-San is 17 years old, but has not been Tokekkon Suru Married yet. She had a Fiancee who was a Shosen ShOko-nin Merchant Ship Junior Officer, but he went off to Kaiyo Sea about a year and half ago on a Trip Tonan South East to the New Guinnea Shima Islands to trade in Kiji Fabrics for Shinju Pearls. But that Trip should only take about 4 or so Months, and it has been just about a year since anything has been seen or heard of him or his ship since, so they may have gone down in an Arashi Storm or taken by Head Hunting Kaizoku-nin Pirates or something. It has only been recently that the Kowloon Machi Town Rikoo na Wise Elders of the Machi Town had declared Quinn-San as being Doksheen Desu Single again. She seems to be impressed by the story of how Ki No Ronin and his Ship of Japanese Shosen Norikumii-nin Merchant Seamen had attacked and defeated Fune Ni-Dai Two Ships of Kaizoku-nin Pirates. As a matter of a fact, in the last 24 hours, the entire Machi Town of Kowloon has started buzzing with the news of the Japanese Shosen Fune Merchant Ship that just came into Minato Harbour escorting the Chien Shing Shosen Fune Merchant Ship which they had saved from the Kaizoku Atakai Pirate Attack.

But while they are waiting for their Tabemono Food to be brought, Ki No Ronin turns to Quinn-San and asks, "Atana no Shigoto wa Nani Shimasu ka?", while making a Working Gesture while asking Quinn-San what sort of Job she does. Quinn-San seems to understand the question, but has difficulty finding the words in Japanese to express herself, so she takes out a piece of Komi Paper and write in Kanji that she works as an Accountant Bookkeeper for her Fathers Property Company and Fish Mongering. She says, "Oto-San no Shobai no Okane wa Kazoemashoo". Ki No Ronin is impressed. He thinks that there should be no problem for Quinn-San to find a husband in the Future since she has a Father who is an important local Land Owner and is a Fish Monger. Quiinn-San continues by writing down that her Father also owns 4 Fishing Boats, so he is also concidered a Sensho-nin Captain of the Fishing Fleet of Kowloon Machi Town. His name is Wu-San, making Quinn-San's full name "Quinn Wu".

Then the Food arrives and everyone has two or three platefulls of various Chinese Cuisine. They each get a complimentary Chawan Bowl of Gohan Steamed Rice along with free Midori Ocha Green Tea, although the other Noikumii-nin have ordered Sake Rice Wine as they are not nearly as Yopparate Drunk as they would like to be. Wong-San orders a Tokkuri Sake Jug of Atsukan Sake Warmed Rice Wine and fills Ki No Ronin's Saka Zuki Glass with Atsukan Warmed Sake. Ki No Ronin takes the Tokkuri Sake Jug and pours some into Quinn-San's Saka Zuki Glass and then pours some into Terika-San's as well and hands the Tokkuri Sake Jug back to Wng-San. They then dig in and eat heartily. After finishing YOshoku Dinner, they get Zato Dessert of Modori Ocha Icecream with a Tray of Moichi Rice Cakes and Cookies.

It takes about 15 or so minutes for them to finish Tabettiemasu Eating. They then sit back and enjoy sipping on Modori Ocha Green Tea and Atsukan Warmed Sake Rice Wine. Occasionally, a round of Atsukan is poured for everyone at the Tables as some of the other Customers have ordered Muryo na Atsukan for everyone at the Chabudai Dining Tables. Seems some Chinese are so impressed with having such Heroes in their midst that they are buying Free Drinks for them. Ki No Ronin thinks how sweet it is to be heralded as Heroes in this community as they are now getting all sorts gestures of Honour.

They have been here for about an hour and a half now and it is getting towards Yugatta Evening and Nichi Botsu Nightfall is approaching. Wong-San then says to Ki No Ronin, "Tsimshatsui Shosen-nin no Kurabu e ima Ikitai Desu ka?", inviting Ki No Ronin to go off to the local Merchant Mariners Club, which is just one block Minami South on Shanghai Tori Street. The Kurabu Club is actually the big Building right at the end of the Paved Tori Street. Of course, Ki No Ronin likes going to Social Clubs, so immediately says, "Hai!" to Wong-San's invitation.

They then get up, Wong-San, who has a pouch of Parakou Shipping Company funds for entertaining their Homan Kyaku-Sama Guests, and they set off for the Tsimshatsui Shosen na Kurabu Mariners Club.

Surrey, BC
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But first, they must stop by the Chungking Hotel as the Ordinary Norikumii-nin are dropped off here as the Tsimshatsui Shosen-nin Mariners Club is for ShOko-nin Officers Grade Merchant Mariners only, so only Ki No Ronin and Yoshimune-San, are able to go along with Wong-San and Tam ShOko-San. There is a Izakaya Club that is a part of the Chungking Hotel in which they can stay and have Drinks and be Socialable to the local Chugokujin Chinese. They also plan on going for a quick bit of Kaimono Shopping around the Yaumetai Ichiba Marketplace.

Quinn-San is excited and is Smiling Very Happily and Sweetly. Being able to invite a Lady to go with him into the exclusive Tsimshatsui Shosen-nin Mariners Club, Ki No Ronin has opted to invite this nice new Onna Tomodashi-San Ladyfriend that he met at the Onsen Yokujo Hot Springs Pool and she is so Thrilled and Happy.

When they get to the Chungking Hotel, they find that Toranaga-San, Yuji-San and Yamazaki-San are already in the Hotel Cafe and are already enjoying a Tokkuri Sake Jug of Atsukan Warmed Sake. Miyazaki-San and his fellow Norikumii-nin Shipmates Bow in Greetings and sit down and join them. Yamasaki-San takes the Tokkuri Sake Jug and fills some Saka Zukis for their Tomodashi Comrades. Ki No Ronin bows towards Toranaga-San and asks, "Yoshimune ShOko-San wa Doko ni Imasu ka?". Toranaga-San puts his hands together, bows a bit Drunkenly, and replies, "Mah Bucho-San to issho ni Yoshimune ShOko-San wa Tsimshatsui Shosen-nin Kurabu de sudeni Ikimashita". Ki No Ronin bows back saying, "Domo Arigato Toranaga-San".

Once all the Ordinary Norikumii-nin have sat down and made themselves comfortable, Ki No Ronin and his party of Shosen ShOko-nin Mariner Officers head off up Shanhai Tori Street which bends off to the East a bit as a Single Street and ends with a rather nice two storey Tatemono Building. They go in and after Wong-San deals with the Banpei-nin Doorman, and have all identified themselves to him, are allowed to enter the Main Parlour and Games Room of this Shosen-nin Mariners Club. There are several Dansei na Genltlemen in ShOko-nin no Seifuku Officers Uniforms. They are accompanied by Utsukushii-na Josei Beautiful Ladies who are elegantly dressed.

They see a Table at which Mah Bucho-San and Yoshimune ShOko-San are sitting with Two Kawaii-na Onna Futari-nin Cute Ladies. Yoshimune ShOko-San bows to Ki No Ronin and asks, "Kon Riku Kyujitsu no aida ni Nani Shimashita ka?", asking what he had done that day. Ki No Ronin replies, "Uma wa Noru koto ga Dekimashita, dewa Toi na Onsen Yokujo no naka ni Oyogimashita". Ki No Ronin then presents Quinn-San to Yoshimune-San and says, "Kore wa Quinn-San to Imasu. Onsen no naka ni Aimashita". Yoshimune ShOko-San gets up, bows to Quinn-San and says, "Hajimemashite Quinn-San", to which Quinn-San replies, "Hajimemashite. Watashi wa Quinn. Anata no Namae wa Nani Imasu ka?". This surprises Yoshimune ShOko-San who didnt expect her to have an understanding of Japanese. He simply Smiles, bows back, takes her hand and while shaking it, says, "Watashi wa Yoshimune ShOko-nin. Genki Desu ka?", to which Quinn-San sort of giggles and replies, "Okagesama Desu". Yoshimune then introduces the Onna Ladies that are with them. One is Mah Bucho-San's Okusan Wife Ligaya-San and Ligaya-San's Onna Tomodashi Girlfriend Aamina-San, who is a Widow since her Goshujin Husband, a Ship Shosen-nin Captain, sailed off with a Bushi Cargo and never came back several years ago. Upon hearing about the Japanese Heroes in Kowloon Hanto Machi Peninsula Town, she eagerly wanted to participate in the Party that Mah Bucho-San is holding for them.

Another table has to be brought over to accomodate the new arrivals and everyone is seated around the Chabudai Futatsu Two Dining Tables, Mah Bucho-San makes a signal towards the Bar and the Baten Bartender gets out a Special Bottle that has been put aside for an occasion such as this. It is a Bottle of Ume Shu, which is a Special Japanese Liquor made from Sumono Japanese Plums. Mah Bucho-San takes it and uncaps it and while holding it up, clears his throat makes a speech to everyone in the room and judging by his tone of voice and body motions, is telling the Monogatari Story about how Yoshimune ShOko-San and Ki No Ronin are Heroes and how they saved a Bushi Cargo of Valuable KOsO Herbs. When he is finished, everyone in the starts Smiling, Clapping, and Bowing towards them. Both Yoshimune ShOko-San and Ki No Ronin stand up and Bow back graciously. They simply say "Domo Arigato Gozaimasu" and "Hajimemashite" to back. They now sit down at their Chabudai Table and the nights entertainment begins.

There is a Gekijo Stage just to the Hidari Left of the Lounge Irigushi Entrance and a group of Musicians gather there, three with Stringed Instruments and one with a Flute and they start to play:­

After their first Song and go into their next number, Mah Bucho-San takes his Okusan Wife by the Hand and goes to the Dance Floor and starts Dancing with her, making hand motions that all are welcome to join in. Ki No Ronin immediately takes Quinn-San's hand and they go out to the Dance Floor along with Yoshimune ShOko-San who had Aamina-San with them. Several other couples come out to the Dance Floor and they are Dance to the nice Chinese Classic Music. They spin around in a Waltzing fashion. Ki No Ronin especially likes the feeling of Quinn-San's Waist and he has his arm it and she smiles Happily back at him as they twirl around, Dancing amongst the Crowd.

After about 3 Songs, they go and sit down and get some Drinks and Refreshments. There are Bowls of Popcorn Deep Fried Sheba Ebi Shimp in the Chawan Bowls for them to munch on. They refill the Saka Zuki Sake Glasses with more Atsukan Warmed Sake and sip it down. Anytime someone comes near them, they Bow with Respect.

Just then, a Chinese ShOko-nin, who is about as old as Nobunaga Sensho-San and is wearing a Seifuku Uniform denoting the Rank equal to a Chinese Commodore comes up and bows to Ki No Ronin, who gets up and bows back. He says, "Watashi wa Ying ShOsen-nin. Hajimemashite. Nihon no wawari ni Ikimashite. No sukoshi ni Nihongo wa Shirimasu". Ki No Ronin gets up, taking the Tokkuri Sake Jug with him, bows and says, "Hajimemashite", and fills Ying Shosen-Sama's Saka Zuki. Ying Shosen-Sama continues, "Anata tashi wa Yukan na Bushi-nin. Watashi Tashi no Kaiyo no nakan ni itsumo Irrashimasu", saying that he and his Japanese Shipmates are Braver Warriors and that they are welcome in Chinese Seas anytime. Ki No Ronin bows politely and takes Quinn-San's Hand and offers it to Ying Shosen-Sama saying, "Kanogo to issho ni Dansu Shitai Desu ka?". Ying Shosen-Sama smiles happily and takes Quinn-San to the Dancefloor and begins to dance with her. Quinn-San is delighted at being able to go out for a Dance with a Commodore Grade Officer of the Chinese Merchant Fleet! Seeing that Aamina-San is presently not Dancing, Ki No Ronin bows, takes here hand and they go out to the Dance Floor.

And for the next three hours, they Dance, Drink and Make Merry!

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As the evening gets late, and everyone has had their fill of Sake, Dancing, and Music, People are now starting to yawn and get ready to leave. Slowly, people file out and when it is about 12:00pm, the Baten Bartender makes last call for Drinks and the Chugokujin Onaguka Chinese Band play their last set and pack up for the night. Wong-San then gets his Party organized and set off for his Uchi House, which is not too far away down a Dirt Road to the East from the Tsimshatsui ShOsen Mariners Club. He says, "To Fun Aruku Watashi no Uchi wa Arimasu", saying that his Uchi House is about a 10 Minute Walk away.

Ki Ni Ronin wants to stop by the Chungking Hotel and checks on the Norikumii-nin Sailors that are staying there. He sees Hirayama-San sitting at the Chungking Hotel's Jun Kissa Ten Cafe sipping on some Sake and he is looking rather Apporatteimasu Drunk. Ki No Ronin comes up and Hirayama-San drunkenly stands up and drunkenly Bows and Ki No Ronin asks, "Subete Yoroshii Desu ka>? Minna Norikumii-nin wa doko ni Imasu ka?", to which Hirayama-San replies, "Sudeni Nemutteimasu. Ima Apporatteimasu. Watashi wa sugu ni Nemerutai Desu". Ki No Ronin then comments, "Asu Kesu ji Gozen Hachi Ji Han ni Kaerimasu. Kyu Ji Kawa Shima Maru Kaeri Nakareba Narimasen. Tabun Ima Nemuritai Desu", saying that tomorrow morning at 8:30am, he will return to pick Hirayama-San and the rest of his companions as they have to return to their Ship by 9:00am. Hirayama-San bows, finishes his Sake Drink, bows saying, "Dekara Oya Sumi Nasai", and turns and heads off into the Chungking Hotel to his Room.

Ki No Ronin then turns and hales a Rickshaw Taxi, and pays the Rickshaw Man to take Quinn-San back to her Uchi House where her Kazoku Family is expecting her. He then Kisses her hand and she courties and bows to him saying, "Kono Pati wa Tanoshimi Deshita. Mata Ne to Ki wo Tsuketekudasai". Quinn-San then gets into the Rickshaw and it speeds off, with Quinn-San looking back waving Sayonara.

Ki No Ronin then turns to Wong-San and with a wave of his hand, says, "Anata no Uchi wa ima Ikuru koto ga Dekimasu". Wong-San bows quickly and turns and starts walking down the Paved Michi Road to the end of the Street and the Dirt Michi Road starts. For about 15 minutes, they once again walk past various Uchi House which once again each have signs of for some sort of Service that Uchi House supplies for the community. They go by a Uchi Houses such as a Togeika Pottery Maker, a Razokuya Candle Shop, and a Nodoruya Noodle Maker Shop. They finally get to a Uchi that is Hidari East of Kowloon Machi Town and Wong-San points to it and says, "Watashi no Uchi Desu. Kite Kudasai, Dozo", and then go in.

Seems that while Wong-San is away on his ShOsen Merchant Marine Missions, his Okusan Wife Terika-San is a KOsO Herbologist as a Komban Sign that is up states in Kanji that she is a Herbologist and sells Herbs. That is why her Husband is in the Herb Merchant Trade so that he can help her get Good Foreign Herbs for her KOsO Ichiba Herbal Store at cheap wholesale prices. They go in and the Uchi House smells of the best KOsO Herbs that one can imagine. Ki No Ronin has not smelt such good essences of Herbs since going about the Ichiba Markets of Mangalor about 4 months ago when they were there.

Wong-San then has a Futon Bed set up there for him in their Tokonoma Parlour Room. Ki No Ronin excuses himself and goes to the Washroom to get refreshed and then returns to the Tokonoma Parlour Room and after saying, "Oya Sumi Nasai", gets into the Nice Soft Futon, the first he has slept on in over 6 months, and with the Sake Rice Wine in his Veins, goes quickly off to Sleep thinking of how much Fun it has been today enjoying a good afternoon Horseback Riding, going to an Onsen Yokujo where he got to meet the Kawaii Quinn-San and then spending a nice evening at the Tsumishatsui ShOsen Mariners Club. It is getting to have Riku Kyujitsu Shoreleaves such as this that makes being a ShOsen-nin Merchant Marine worth while despite of all the Dangers out on the wide open Seas. Ki No Ronin then goes off to Nemui Sleep without too much difficulty.

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After Dreaming about serving with his old Samurai Training School in Sasebo Machi, Ki No Ronin is awakened by little Sunyee Wong-Chan who is pointing out that it is now 7:00am. Ki No Ronin looks over at her Cute Young Face and Smiles, Nods and Bows Politely to her. She turns and rushes back to the Daidokoro Kitchen where Terika Okusan is preparing a Niwa Tori Gohan Chicken Fried Rice with Japanese style Gyoza with Buta Niku Pork Filling. Ki No Ronin gets up and dresses himself and comes out of the Tokonoma Guest Parlour and enters the Daidokoro Kitchen area and find Wong Goshujin-San sitting that the Chabudai Dining Table. He reading over the various Shimbun Newspapers that has been printed in the past few months while he was at Kaiyo Sea catching up on what has been going on in Kowloon Hanto Machi Peninsula Town. When Ki No Ronin enters the Heya Room, Wong-San puts his Shimbun Paper down and Bows Very Politely and says, "Ohaiyo Gozaimasu. Genki Desu ka?", to which Ki No Ronin Bows back saying "Genki Desu yo, Okagesama Desu", and then turns to Terika Wong Oku-San and again says "Ohaiyo Gozaimasu Terika Wong-San. Choshoku no Tabemono wa Sugoi na Nioimasu", saying that Breakfast is smelling Great. Although Terika-San does not understand any Japanese at all, she smiles back and Bows Politely because she assumes that what Ki No Ronin has just said is some sort of compliment.

As Teriki-San is Cooking, Sunyee-Chan puts the Tabemono Food on the Chabudai Table and fills Ki No Ronin's and then her Oto-San Father's Yunomi Tea Cup with Atsui na Modori Ocha Hot Green Tea. Then she brings the Niwa Tori Gohan and Gyoza as soon as her Oka-San Mother finishes making it. Wong Goshujin-San says "Ita Dakemasu" and then Ki No Ronin Claps Three Times and says "Ita Dakemasu". They both take their Chawan Bowls of Niwa Tori Gohan Chicken Fried Rice and they eat. At every three or four bites, Ki No Ronin says to Terika Oku-San, "Ouishii Desu", bowing politely to her. Terika Wong Oku-San smiles and bows back.

After finishing eating, Ki No Ronin turns to Wong-San and says, "Sumimasen. Kawa Shima Maru ima Kaeri Nakareba Narimasen. Shuppatsu Suru koto ga Dekimasu ka?", asking for permission to leave to go back to his Fune Ship. Wong-San gets up and bows down very politely and Sunyee-Chan helps Ki No Ronin with getting his Bokken Oaken Wooden Bashing Sword put on and all three of them see him to the Iriguchi Front Door and the see him off. As he walks away, he can see them Bowing and Waving as he walks off. Ki No Ronin bows and waves back as he leaves.

It takes about 15 minutes for Ki No Ronin to walk from Wong-San's Uchi House to the Chungking Hotel. During this time he is walking, he notices that a lot of the local Chugokujin Chinese are all Bowing Down Very Politely to him everywhere he is going. He thinks to himself that the Story of the Kawa Shima Maru saving a Very Valuable Shipment of Expensive Herbs has now gone about the Machi of Kowloon Hanto Peninsula and now everyone is giving his much Honour and Praise everywhere he goes. The puts on a Stern No Nonsense look on his Kao Face trying to look like a No Nonsense Bushi-nin Warrior, but does always do a quick Head Bow back to whoever is Bowing Down at him.

Ki No Ronin then gets to the Chungking Hotel and finds Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, Nishihara-San and Sakurazawa-San sitting in the Hotel's Jun Kissa Ten with three Lovely Ladies who had entertained them the night before. They are all looking a bit Hung Over and are sipping Midori Ocha Green Tea in order to help recover. The rest of the Japanese Norikumii-nin are still in their Heya Room Sleeping as they are part of Yoshimune ShOko-San's Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave Group and since Yoshimune ShOko-San gets to have another day of Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave, they do as well, so they get to stay in Bed.

Seeing as they are bit bleery eyed from being Futsukayoi, Ki No Ronin shouts at them in order to get them on their feet, "Ima Samete Nakareba Narimasen! Gimu wa ima Arimasu! Hayai ni ima Iki Nakareba Narimasen! Daishiku ni Kawa Shima Maru de ima Kaeri Nakareba Narimasen", shouting for them to get on their feet as they are now back on Duty and they have to return to the Kawa Shima Maru.

They all drop their Yunomi Tea Cups and stand up straight all crying out "Hai! Samerimasu! Kiteimasu!". They quickly bow to their Female Companions and quickly file out behind Ki No Ronin, who also bows politely to the Pretty Chinese Girls who smile sweetly at Ki No Ronin while bowing to him. Ki No Ronin says to them, "Sumimasen. Ima Shuppatsu Shi Nakareba Narimasen". Although not understanding him, they bow back, continuing to smile sweetly.

Ki No Ronin then turns to his Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave Party and curtly says, "Ima Ikimasho!", and turns and leads them down Canton Tori Road towards the Dock Yard. They find that everywhere they are going, everyone Bows Down to them Very Politely making the way clear for them to go freely. A City Guard sees them walking down the Tori Road and starts making way for them, giving them an escort down to the Dock Yard. When they get to the Iriguchi Gates to the Dock Yard, the City Guard stop, opens the Gate for them and Bows Down Very Politley as they file through. Ki No Ronin thinks to himself that being a Hero Rules!!!

Then as they enter the Dock Yard, they immediately notice that the Kaizoku Fune Ni-Dai Two Pirate Ships are not at the Dock anymore. Ki No Ronin is surprised. The walk along the Dock, with all the Longshoremen Bowing Down Very Politely to them and get to the Kawa Shima Maru. Ki No Ronin shouts up, "Sumimasen! Kawa Shima Maru Norite mo idesu ka?", to which Nobunaga Sensho-Sama, who is standing his Mochiba Post on the Senkyo Bridge, nods approval and Ki No Ronin and his Riku Kyujitsu Shore Leave Party board the Kawa Shima Maru.

Ki No Ronin then goes up to the Senkyo Bridge and asks, "Ohaiyo Gozaimasu Nobunaga Sensho-Sama. Kore wa Sugoi na Riku Kyujitsu Deshita. Anata no Riku Kyujitsu Bun ima Suru koto ka Dekimasu". Nobunaga Sensho-San nods and already has his Riku Kyujitsu Nimotsu Shore Leave Bag ready and he nods down to Suzuki-San who signals his NoriKumii-nin Shipmates to get their Riku Kyujitsu Nimotsu Baggage ready for departure. Shortly, Suzuki-San, Yamashiro-San amd Yoshida-San are standing ready on the Quarter Deck with their Nimotsu Baggage.

Then Ki No Ronin turns and asks, "Sumimsen Nobunaga Sensho-San, Kono Kaizoku Fune wa doko ni Arimasu ka?", to which Nobunaga Sensho-Same smiles and says, "Sudeni Uteimashita. Ni Ju San Man Yen no Kin soshite Shiruba Koka wa Kasegimashita. Parakou Fune Kaisha wa sudeni Kaimashita. Kono Fune no Hon no naka ni Kakimashita", saying that the Kaizoku Fune Ni-Dai Two Pirae Ships has already been bought for top price by the Parakou Shipping for 230,000 Yen worth of Gold and Silver Coins. Nobunaga Sensho-Sama then points over to a nearby Dry Docking Facility and there are the Kaizoku Fune Ni-Dai Two Pirate Ships in Dry Dock having its Sentai Hull scrapped and cleaned. It looks as though the Chugokujin Chinese Workers are also painting the inside of the Fune Ships as well. They look very busy, working as quickly as they can. Nobunaga also points out that the whole thing has been recorded in the Kawa Shima Maru's Hon Log Book.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San gives Ki No Ronin his instructions for the days Gimu Duty.
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Nobunaga Sensho-San takes Ki No Ronin to the Chart Table and shows him the entries in the Kawa Shima Maru's Hon Log Book and says, "Sore kara Ichiban Chikaku kono Doku Iriguchi no mae ni Chisai na Yatai Ichiba wa Arimasu. Koko kara watashi no Fransu Kiji soshite KOsui wa Uteimasu. Kono Uteru wa Kantoku Shite Kudasai", saying that they have set up a small Market Booth just outside the Fence surrounding the Docks. It seems that the outside Wall of the Docks has Empty Booths set up so that any Shosen Fune Merchant Boat that comes into the Minato Harbour can use one of the Empty Booths to put up for Sale any wares that they might like to Sell.

Ki No Ronin reads over the Kawa Shima Maru's Hon Log Book and it shows how an Joshi-nin Executive of the Parakou Shipping Company named Fan Joshi-San came along, having heard that the their Japanese Guests had planned to Restore and Sell the Kaizoku Fune Pirates Ships that they brought into Hong Kong Minato Harbour. He came aboard, had a quick look at the Kaizoku Fune Ni-Dai Two Pirate Ships and their Bushi Cargo and made a 230,000 offer for them all. 100,000 Yens worth of Gold and Silver for each Kaizoku Fune Pirate Ship and an additional 30,000 yen worth of Gold and Silver for the Bushi Stores that were aboard the Kaizoku Fune Pirate Ships. Nobunaga Sensho-Sama is Very Happy about this turn of events as he was able to Sell Off the Kaizoku Fune Pirate Ships without have to do the Painting that was planned and now has a lot of Kanamono Treasure to take back to the Shinto Jinja Temple who they work for. And also, each Norikumii-nin Sailor is happy because with this winfall of Kanamono Treasure, they will have a larger Kyuryobi Payday at the end of the Voyage when they get back to their Home Port of Nagasaki, so Morale on the Kawa Shima Maru is Very High indeed. Everyone is Humming, Singing, and Whistling Happy Tunes while on Deck thinking about how sweet that final Kyurobi Payday is going to be when they get back to their Home Minato Harbour.

After giving Ki No Ronin his instructions on how to set up the Chisai Yatai Ichiba Small Sales Booth, Nobunaga Sensho-Sama then takes his Riku Kyujitsu Nimotsu Shore Leave Bag and waves to the Japanese Norikumii-nin Sailors that are accompanying him and they go down the Gangplank to the Docks below. When they are walking down the Gangplank, several Chugokujin Longshoremen stop, put their hands together and Bow Down Very Politely. Nobunaga Sensho-San then turns, and does a quick Bow to Ki No Ronin, who remains on the Senkyo Bridge of the Kawa Shima Maru and then goes along the Dock to the Iriguchi Main Entrance and leaves. They are on their way to check into the Chungking Hotel and then they are thinking of checking out the Tin Hau Bukyo Jinja Buddhist Temple to have some Meditation for a few hours before going off the Onsen Yokujo, which Nobunaga Sensho-Sama has heard about and is eager to go into and enjoy.

No sooner as Nobunaga Sensho-Sama is gone that Ki No Ronin gives the orders for 3 rolls of Fransu Kiji Fabric and about a couple Kegs of Fransu KOsui Perfume to be brought out of the Bushi Stores and with one of the Kawa Shima Maru's Yardarms being used as a Crane, lifts them out onto a Cart that one of the Chugokujin Chinese Longshoremen has brought out for them to use. Once the Shinamono Sales Goods are on the Cart, Ki No Ronin, along with Sakurazawa-San and Hirayama-San, takes the Shinamono Sales Goods and pulls it along the Dock, out the Iriguchi Main Entrance and finds the Koza Number of the Yatai Ichiba Sales Booth they have been alotted, which is Booth #3.

They then set up a small display, showing off the Fransu Kiji Fabric and putting on some of the Fransu KOsui Perfume so that all the People passing by can smell. They have some small Bin Bottles for the Perfume that they acquired from a Bin Bottle maker who lives in Kowloon Hanto Machi Peninsula Town.

Business it Booming for them during the Morning and the sell One Whole Roll of Fabric for 7,800 Yen worth of Chinese Silver Coins and there about a dozen bottles of the Perfume. The Chugokujin Onna Chinese Ladies seem to really like the Fransu KOsui Perfume and they are buying it as fast as they can, some putting it on right away as soon as they buy it. One Onna Lady sees it and runs home and gets a Larger Flask that holds 3 times the amount of the Bin Bottles that the Kawa Shima Maru Ichiba has on hand and has them fill it up for her. Of course, she pays the required 3 times price for the Fransu KOsui Perfume. The one roll of Fransu Kiji Fabric is bought by a Dansei Man whose Musume Daughter is getting Tokekkon Married and thought his Musume Daughter would look great in a Wedding Dress made of this Fransu Kiji Fabric.

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