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The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,055
On the morning of the 5th Day, as the Sun came up, the coastline of Sri Lanka has now come into view. They must be in the Straight of Pilk and as soon as the coastline of Sri Lanka is out of sight and they are at the proper latitude, they will turn due East and set sail for Indonesia.

They do put into a Port that they have spotted and restocked with new Fresh Provisions for the 2 month long voyage to get to Indonesia. They get a new supply of their favorite dish, which is the nice spicey vegetarian Samosas, which will only last them about a week and a half. The Port that they put into is called Nagapattam. There is no shore leave this time. Yoshimune ShOko-San goes ashore with 3 crewmen and they hurry in going to the market, getting what they need to top up their Bushi Store of Fresh Rations and return. By the time they have replenished their Bushi Stores, it is time to cast off and they head off towards the East across the Indian Ocean. After a couple of hours after leaving that Harbour, the Night falls and Ki No Ronin's Night Watch goes on duty.

As they sail along towards the East, Ki No Ronin spots the occasional Sri Lankan Fishing Boat. They must be in the Sri Lankan Fishing Lanes as he observes that they are actively fishing. Ki No Ronin decides to give the Night Crew permission to get out some Fishing Equipment and try for a couple of Fresh Fish during the Night Watch. The set out a long Tsuri Zao out of each side of the Kawa Shima Maru and by the time Morning has come, they have managed to catch several Mackerel and even one Tuna.

Shooji Chorishi-San takes the nice fresh catch and makes a Sashimi Asagohan Breakfast out of it which everyone enjoys immensely. He does not make any Gohan Steamed Rice because with all this Fresh Fish available, it is best to save the Dry Stores for as long as possible.

Nobunaga Sensho-San takes the Morning Watch and Ki No Ronin goes down below for his Morning Rest. They are still in the Fishing Lanes and since the Fishing is very good here, Nobunaga Sensho-San has the Morning Watch continue Fishing. So long as they are in these waters and Fishing like this is as good as this, they could live on Sashimi for a couple of days, and all Japanese love Sashimi.

When Ki No Ronin gets up for Hirugohan Lunch, he finds that the Monsoon Rains have already started to lighten up as they are now a couple hundred kilometers away from the Coast of India and are now due North of Sri Lanka. The Wind is still a good strong 15 Knots, so the Kawa Shima Maru is making good speed.

The Morning Watch has also had good Luck in Fishing as they are able to have Sashimi with a round of Samosas and some Mango for desert. With good Fresh Food as this available, the crew's moral is very high.

Then during the afternoon, they do the usual exercises and Martial Arts Practises. They are eager to get clear of the Monsoon Rains of India so that they can do their Kyodo Archery Practise again. That is the one thing about having been in India that has been a bit annoying and that is the constant Rain of their Monsoon Season.

For Bangohan Dinner, they do have some Steamed Gohan Rice to go with the Sashimi Fish and another round of Samosas. As they are having the Dinner, Sri Lankan Fishing Boat comes by. They start sailling right up to the Kawa Shima Maru.

Nobunaga Sensho-San orders, "Nihon no Hata wa Sagatte Kudasai. Heiwa ni Natte Kudasai", ordering for the Japanese Flag to be dipped in salute to their country. Nobunaga Sensho-San continues quiety, "Dai Shikyu ni San ban Kanpan no naka ni Jari Boku wa Junbi Shimasu. Kono Sakana Fune tabun Odoshi Shimasu." The Crew obediently gets out some Jari Spears and make ready with them down below in the Kawa Shima Marus third deck, which is the Orlop Deck.

The Sri Lankan fishing boat comes right up to about 20 Meters off of the Starboard side of the Kawa Shima Maru. They seem a bit aggitated and from how they are behaving, and from their hand gestures, they are objecting to their Fishing in their Fishing Lanes. It seems that they feel that the Fish in the Sri Lankan Fishing Lanes should be only for them to take, and not for any Foreigners to take.

Nobunaga Sensho-San, being a Peaceful Man, decides to make a Peace offering by having about 50 meters of French Fabric brought up and given as a Gift for the Fishermen along with about 100 Roopies for the Fish they took from their waters. This seems to satisfy the Sri Lankans and they push off and go on their way.

After the Sri Lankans have moved off, Nobunaga Sensho-San orders, "Kono Abunai wa ima Owari Desu. Kono Jari Boku wa Boku no Todana no naka ni Zukuri wo Shite Kudasai. Subete ima Ansen no basho ni Arimasu", ordering for the weapons to be packed away in their storage bins since it is now safe. "Mo Ichi do Taberu koto ga Dekimasu", inviting all to continue eating their Dinner.

After Bangohan Dinner, Nobunaga Sensho-San decides to stay on Watch along with Yoshimune ShOko-San in order to keep watch for any other Sri Lankan Ships coming along trying to cause trouble with them. Nobunaga Sensho-San also orders the halt of Fishing as that seems to be attracting some unwanted attention, and they have to get their East Indian Silk back to Japan safely. If they attract too much unfriendly attention, they might end up attacked and that could mean failling in their mission to bring back the East Indian Silks to the Daimyo of Chubu Prefecture. Besides, they already have enough Fresh Fish from their Fishing in their Bushi Stores to last them for a while.

After this minor encounter is sorted, Ki No Ronin goes down to his Bunk to get his rest for his next Night Watch.
Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,056
When Ki No Ronin gets up for his Night Watch, the first thing he notices is that the Monsoon Rains appears to have lightened a bit. He gets dressed and equipped and goes up to the Quarter Deck. The Winds are still blowing at a good 15 Knots and the Kawa Shima Maru is making best speed at full sail. Yoshimune ShOko-San is on the Bridge doing the Afternoon Watch.

Ki No Ronin goes up Bridge and says, "Kombanwa Yoshimune ShOKo-San. Genki Desu ka? Chizu no ue ni Watashi Tashi wa doko ni Arimasu ka?"

Yoshimune ShOko-San replies with a slight sniffle, "Hana Mizu ga Demasu. Arigato Ki No Ronin Bushi-San", then he goes to the Chart Table and points out their present position. "Watashi Tashi wa Arimasu. Hachi Ju Kiro mo mae ni Sri Lanka wa Arimasu. Yori mo sukoshi ni kono Ame wa ima Futteimasu. Ashita kono Monsun Ame tabun saigo no ni Tomarimasho", saying that the North Tip of Sri Lanka is now 80 Kilometers behind them and hopefully the Monsoon Rains that they have been dealing with for the past month might stop by tomorrow. Once they are out to sea far enough, these Rains should stop.

"Hoka na Fune wa Mimashita ka?", Ki No Ronin asking if there has been any other sightings of other boats lately. Yoshimune-San replies, "Hai. Watashi de Jama Shimasen sorekara Heiwa ni Ikimashita", saying that there had, but they went on their way Peacefully. "Yoroshii Desu. Watashi no Yugata na Komai Gumi ima Hajimemasu. Anata no Gogo na Kotai Gumi wa Yasunde mo Idesu, Dozo", Ki No Ronin then informs Yoshimune-San that he and his watch can now go below to get their Rest.

Yoshimune ShOko-San replies, "Hai. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu. Oyasumi Nasai Ki No Ronin Bushi-San". He then turns to his Afternoon Watch Crewmate and says, "Watashi no Kotai Gumi wa ima Owari Desu. San ban Kanpan de Ikite mo Idesu soshite Yasunde Kudasai, Dozo".

The Afternoon Watch Crewmates bow obediently, exchange places with the Night Watch with Aoki-San going up to the Crow's-nest to take watch. When he gets there, he has a look around and reports down, "Kore wa Nanimo Arimasu. Subete tabun Ansen na basho ni Arimasu".

They then take watch and during the Watch, they sight about 4 or so Ships. They come no closer than about 300 Meters from the Kawa Shima Maru. Ki No Ronin always orders some sort of Peaceful signal for the other Ships and they respond Peacefully and everything goes well.

Then at about a hour before the end of their Watch, the Rain drops off to barely a dizzle. When 6:00am comes and Nobunaga Sensho-San comes on deck with the Morning Watch, the Monsoon Rains has almost stopped.

When Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up on deck, he looks around and smiles at how little it is raining now. He takes a Navigational Reading and finds that they are now about 160 Kilometers East of Sri Lanka. Ki No Ronin greets the Captain, "Ohaiyo Gozaimasu Nobunaga Sensho-San. Genki Desu ka?". Nobunaga Sensho-San smiles and replies, "Okagasama Desu. Kono Monsun Ame wa tabun Tometeimasu. Sugoi Desu!", saying how great it is that the Monsoon Rains have finally started to stop.

Shooji Chorishi-San can be heard down below in the Chorishitsu Galley working on getting the Asagohan Breakfast going. They can smell the Gohan Rice Steaming.

When the Breakfast is ready and the Breakfast Bell is rung, they see that not only has the Rain finally stopped, but the clouds have finally parted and the Sun shines through. They have not seen the Sun for about a month when amongst the Monsoon Rain Season of India, and since the Sun is a major symbol of Japan, they do a Ritual for the Sun returning.

After Breakfast is over and the dishes have been washed, the Crew is called up two the Quarter Deck. By this time, the Sun is fully out and the Decks are starting to steam as the Sun warms the Decks, drying them out.

Nobunaga Sensho-San gets dressed up in his official Shinto Priest's Yukata and has the Shinto Shrine, which has been getting kept in the Orlop Deck to keep it dry, brought up to the Bridge and set before the Ship's Crest. This also includes the Shroud of Bones that they found at the site of the Kishu Shima Maru's Sinking.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then takes out some Candles that they had in storage in the Shinto Portable Shrine and distributes them amongst the Crew. He then lights his, and holds it up towards the Sun and Chants, "Taisetsu na Taiyo wa ima Kaerimasu. Utsu Kushi na Taiyo Desu! Sore kara Ikiteiru na Hikari na Kimasu. Taiyo wa itsumo Tsuyoi na Kamisama Desu! Kono Taiyo Kamisama de ima Omairimasu. Taiyo no Seiryoku wa itsumo Aishimasu soshite itsumade mo ni Sonkei Shimasu. Anata no Seiyryoku wa ima Kyoyo Shimasho", and after that declaration of Love for the Energies of the Sun and that they will now share the Energies of the Sun, Nobunaga Sensho-San lights Yoshimune ShOko-San's Candle, who turns and lights Shooji Chorishi's Candle at the same time as Nobunaga Sensho-San lights Ki No Ronin's Candle. They all then turn and start lighting the rest of the Crews Candles. After a few moments, everyone's Candles are lit and they start humming a rythmic Chant to the Power and Energy of the Sun.

After about 20 minutes of doing such Chantings, Nobunaga Sensho-San then says, "Anata Tachi no Rosoko wa ima Kusa Shite Kudasai, Dozo". All the Crewmen then extinguish their Candles and they had them back over to Nobunaga Sensho-San, who puts them back into the Shinto Portable Shrine.

The Sun Ritual is now over and Ki No Ronin excuses himself and goes down below to his Bunk and gets some Rest before Lunch.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,057
A couple of hours later, Ki No Ronin is suddenly awakened by the shouts of "Abunai Desu! Hijoji Desu!".

Ki No Ronin quickly rouses himself, grabs his Katana and Wazizaki Swords and rushes up to the Quarter Deck.

On his way, he sees the rest of the Crew arming themselves with Jari Spears and Bows & Arrows and the rushing up to the Quarter Deck. Ki No Ronin rushes to the bow forecastle and prepares for whatever Danger there is trying to board the Kawa Shima Maru at her bow.

He gets there and then looks around for the Teki Enemy that is coming. Ki No Ronin looks around and sees that the clouds have closed in again and there is a slight drizzle Rain falling, but can not see any other Ships anywhere around.

Ki No Ronin has just started searching for some type of Sea Monster or Whale that might be threatening the Kawa Shima Maru when Nobunaga Sensho-San claps and says, "Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai. Kore wa Renchu Abunai KyOren Shimashita. Minna Funenori-nin wa ima Kutsu Rogu ni Natte Kudasai", saying that this was a Practise Drill and for everyone to relax now. He then continues, "Hirugohan wa ima Tabete Kudasai, Dozo".

Upon his announcement, everyone sort of chuckles to themselves and stores away their weapons and Ki No Ronin goes down below and dresses and himself properly. Since he was taking a quick nap, he was still in his normal clothes when having his nap, so did not go up on deck wearing his pajamas night clothes.

Shortly afterwards, the smell of steaming Gohan Rice can be smelt. It is now revealed that the Kawa Shima Maru now has no more Soya Sauce. They dont have Soya Sauce in India and they were low of Soya Sauce when they arrived in India, and the only Spice they could find to favor Rice in India is Spicey Hot Vindilu, Curry and Chilli Sauces. So for the rest of their Journey until they get past Indonesia and arrive in Veitnam, they wont be able to have Soya Sauce again. This not a big problem as the Japanese are known for enjoying Spicey Hot Foods as much as anything else. They have the Gohan Rice with some Saba Mackerel Sashimi laid on top of it and a Samosa. They have enough Samosas on board to last the first week of their Voyage. They only brought about a weeks worth of Samosas as they is about as long as they can keep until they all start going bad.

After Hirugohan Lunch, Nobunaga Sensho-San has the Crew gather on deck and he leads them in a session of Meditation. After all the excitement of having been in Port and having discovered a Ship Wreck that has a Treasure of Saphires in it, the Crew now needs to have a few afternoons to Meditate in order to get themselves properly Balanced for the approximately month and a half Journey that they have ahead of them before they see land again in the Islands of Indonesia.

After about an hour of doing Meiso Meditation, concentrating mainly on controling the Breath Ritual, they then start practising some Emergency Drills and Jari Spear Practises as well as some Exercise. They have to get in excellent Practise with their Emergency Drills and Weapons Martial Arts as the Waters around Indonesia is Very Lawless with nothing but Pirates, Privateers and Brigands. Indonesia does not have as good as organized Government as India has and that causes some Chaos around there. They lack any sort of organized Navy to keep control of such things, so it is more than likely that any Ship that they encounter in those Waters are more likely to be Unfriendly and wishing them Harm.

After the afternoon of Martial Arts Practise, Bangohan is prepared and served out. This time, it is Buta Niku Gohan Fried Rice with a Samosas with desert of Mango Slices. They also brought on board a couple slabs of Pork Buta Niku as well as Fresh Saba Mackerel and Maguro Tuna.

After eating, Ki No Ronin dismisses himself, does down below and does some personal abolutions and then goes to his Bunk and gets into it and goes to Sleep in order to get a few hours for his next Night Watch KOtaigumi Duty.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,058
At 11:00pm, the Bell sounds the time and awakens Ki No Ronin. He gets up and gets equipped and goes over and makes sure that the four Crewmen that are a part of his Night Watch are also ready for their Watch. Koshin-San actually has to be awakened as he was found to be accidentally sleeping late and has to be jostled a few times to get him up and out of his Hammock.

They all are up and go up to the Quarter Deck. Koshin-San, since he almost slept in, is first to take Watch Duty in the Crow's-Nest. He goes up and replaces Sakurazawa-San. Ki No Ronin then goes up to the Bridge and releaves Yoshimune ShOko-San and puts Ikuto-San on to be Helmsman.

The Wind is still holding firm at a good 15 Knots and when he looks up, finds that the Clouds have parted enough that the Stars are shining through. As a matter of a fact, when Ki No Ronin came up on the Bridge, he saw that Yoshimune ShOko-San was taking berring shots off of the Stars to get their exact navigational location. "Itsu no mae ni kono Atari wa Miemashita ka?" asks Ki No Ronin, wanting to know how long ago did the Star appear. Yoshimune ShOko-San looks up and smiles as he replies, "Ichi Ji Han no mae ni Miemashita. Kore wa Utsu Kushii na Atari Desu. Ashita Kawa Shima Maru wa Atamaru koto ga Dekimasu", replying that the Stars have been out for about an hour and a half and that is good because the Kawa Shima Maru's upper decks will get to have a chance to dry off for a while.

Ki No Ronin nods with a smile and says, "Watashi no Gimu wa Hajimemasu. Anata tachi wa Yasunde mo Idesu, Dozo". Yoshimune ShOko-San happily replies, "Hai. Oyasumi Nasai Ki No Ronin Bushi-San". He then turns to his Watch Mates and says, "Watashi tachi no Gimu ima Owari. Kawa Shima Maru no San ban Kanpan de Ikuru koto ga Dekimasu soshite Yasunde mo Idesu. Iki Masho", and with a signal wave of his hand, Yoshimune ShOko-San goes down below followed by his Afternoon Watch Crewmates and they go to their Bunks and Hammocks.

But for a couple of hours, they can hear down below a game of Dice starting as several Crewmen are not sleepy, so they entertain themselves by playing their favorite Dice game. By the shout of joy just before turning in, it appears that Yoshida-San had won the game.

Just as Ki No Ronin had gone to be, the coast of Sri Lanka was still visible on the horizon, but now there is nothing. They are now over 80 Kilometers from any land, so land is not visible anymore. The Horizon had a nice red glow to it, and that is good because that is a sign to all old Sailors that the next days will be good clear warm weather.

The Waters are a bit choppy, but otherwise fairly calm as the Kawa Shima Maru makes her way with best possible speed. They go through the Night Watch without encountering any other ships or boats, which probably means that they are now out of the Fishing and Ship Lanes of the Sri Lankan/East Indian Coasts.

In order to make the time go faster, Ki No Ronin teaches the Four New Sailors the rules to the strange Dice game that they had heard being played down below earlier and tells them of the story of how they learned this new game at a place called "Village of the Maidens" which is up the Thames River in a country called England where they had been to trade in Spices and Fabrics. Neither Ikuto-San nor any of his Shipmates had ever been beyond India before, so they listen with interest to the story about what it is like in England and Europe.

Then they spend some time doing some Martial Arts Practice Drills. They all practice with gusto as they all know how dangerous and lawless it is in around the Islands surrounding Indonesia. Basically, when they get into those waters, they will have to be especially on their guard agains Pirates or Brigands. There isnt even a safe port in which they can pull into for Supplies and any port there are nothing but Villages and Small Towns that are filled with nothing but Head Hunting Cannibals who would rather put them all into a Stew Pot than anything else. Basically, until they get past Indonesia and get into the waters of Vietnam or the Philipines, they will have to live on the Bushi Stores that they have on ship only. Only for an emergency will they take a chance in going ashore in Indonesian Waters.

Towards the end of their Night Watch, they do spot a small Schooner on the Horizon about 500 Meters to the South. Ki No Ronin has Aoki-San go down below and notify the Captain and to awaken 3 more Crewmen. But by the time Nobunaga Sensho-San has come up on deck to look at the situation with the 3 Armed Sailors, the Schooner has already slipped away into the Night. Nobunaga Sensho-San has a look with his Spyglass and does manage to spot the top part of the Schooner's Top Mast just on the Horizon. He turns and says, "Subete ima Yoroshii Desu. Ima Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai. Anata tachi wa Keikai Shite Imashita. Sugoi Desu". After complimenting them on their diligence at having spotted the Ship, he then turns and goes back down below to go back to his Cabin to go back to sleep.

About two hours later, it is 6:00am Bell and time for everyone to get up and have Asagohan Breakfast. This morning, it is ordinary Steamed Gohan Rice with some Curry Sauce with a warmed up Samosas.

After eating, the Night Watch is dismissed and Ki No Ronin goes back down to his Bunk and gets some sleep until it is Hirugohan Lunch time.
Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,059
Ki No Ronin then gets up when the Hirugohan Lunch Bell is rung and sees that Sunshine is now shining down the Hatch of the Main Hold of the Kawa Shima Maru. After equipting himself, Ki No Ronin goes to the stairs leading up to the Quarter Deck and looks up and sees that it appears to not a single cloud in the sky now.

Going up the Stairs, Ki No Ronin indeed finds that there is not a single Cloud in the Sky and all the Sailors are up on the Quarter Deck enjoying the Sun. They have all stripped off their shirts and are enjoying being warmed by the Sun. Nobunaga Sensho-San is allowing all the Sailors to come up to the Quarter Deck to enjoy the Sun and have a Sun Tan. Only Shoji Chorishi-San is still down below as he is preparing Hirugohan Lunch.

Ki No Ronin goes up to the Bridge and Nobunaga Sensho-San, who is also got his shirt off in order to enjoy the Sun, says, "Ohaiyo Gozaimasu Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Anata no Shatsu wa Nugete no Idesu, Dozo. Hiyake wa Shite mo Idesu, Dozo", inviting Ki No Ronin to also take off his Shirt and enjoy the first day of Sun that they have had in over a month and a half since they had come into the East Indian Coast. "Hirugohan Ji made Hiyake Suru koto ga Dekite Kudasai", says Nobuanaga Sensho-San. "Hirugohan no ato ni Meiso Suru dewa Tai Chi Undo wa Shitai Desu", saying that after Hirugohan Lunch, they will do Meditation and then Tai Chi Martial Arts Practice.

Without any further prompting, Ki No Ronin takes his Shirt off and carefully folds it up and puts it in a small Oshiri Closet just underneath the Chart Table and then goes starts enjoying the Sun Rays that are now coming down. Ki No Ronin notes that they Wind is now about 10 to 12 Knots so they are not making as good Speed as they have been the last couple of days.

After about 40 minutes or so of enjoying the Hikari Sun Rays, Shooji Chorishi-San comes up to the Quarter Deck with a bowl of Steamed Gohan Rice with some Raw Mugoru Tuna laid on top of it. He hands the bowl of Muguro Gohan to Nobunaga Sensho-San and says, "Hirugohan wa Ryori Shiteshimai Mashita. Minna Funenori-nin de ima Kubatte mo Idesu ka?", informing the Captain that Hirugohan is ready and for permission to distribute it to the Crew. Nobunaga Sensho-San takes the bowl and nods, "Hai, Kubate mo Idesu, Dozo", and then starts eating the Gohan Steamed Rice from his own bowl. This is a signal that all the Crew can start eating their Bowls of Rice as soon as they get them.

When Ki No Ronin gets his bowl of Gohan Steamed Rice and starts eating it, he discovers that under the slices of Maguro Tuna is a dash of East Indian Curry underneath. Ki No Ronin really likes Curry as most Japanese do and digs in enthusiastically.

After all the Gohan Rice is eaten and the Dishes washed and stowed away, Nobunaga Sensho-San calls the Crew to the Quarter Deck and he starts leading them all on a session of Divine Shinto MeisO Meditation. They mainly do their Meditation in order to cleanse themselves of the Excitement and Emotional Energies of having been in India and to prepare themselves for the long journey ahead of them. Only 4 Crewmen are not Meditating. Toranaga-San is up in the Crow's Nest watching out for any other Ships in the area, Sakurazawa is manning the Helm, and Shooji Chorishi-San is down below doing some work in the Chorishitsu Galley of the Kawa Shima Maru. Yoshimune ShOko-San at the Chart Table keeping watch over everything else.

Ki No Ronin goes down to the Quarter Deck and sits down amongst the other Sailors and participates in the MeisO Meditation Exercise which is being lead by Nobunaga Sensho-San. Nobunaga Sensho-San coaches, "Anata tachi no Kokyu ni Omottei Kudasai. Osoi ni Kokyu Shite Kudasai soshite Anata tachi no Kokyu wa Osoi ni Kozoete Kudasai. Suikomu wa Ichi, Ni, San, Yon Desu. Hakidasu de Ichi, Ni, San, Yon Desu. Kanashii na Kangae wa Tomete Kudasai. Shizuka ni Natte Kudasai".

After coaching the Crew that way for a while, Nobunaga Sensho-San then goes silent and goes into his own Meditative State as well. For about 30 minutes, they all sit silently enjoying the silence of their MeisO Meditations. The only noise now is the sound of the Waves splashing against the Hull of the Kawa Shima Maru and the Wind going through the Rigging.

After a time of MeisO Meditation, Nobunaga Sensho-San rings a small Bell three times and says, "Tai Chi Undo wa ima Hajimemasu".

They all slowly get up on their feet and they start doing Tai Chi Practice of Judo and Karate moves in slow controlled movements. They need to do this in order to get completely practiced on the Martial Arts Moves that they will need if their Ship is attacked by Pirates while in the waters of Indonesia.

After about an Hour of Tai Chi Undo, they then start getting ready to clean the Kawa Shima Maru. When they are finished the Tai Chi Undo Exercises, they find that the Decks of the Ship is now steaming away as the Sun's Light Rays is now drying the Upper Decks of the Ship. They break out some Vinegar for Cleaning, which they keep in the Hold for Cleaning and give the entire ship a thurough Cleaning. The Vinegar is necessary to get rid of the spores of Moulds and Mildews that might start growing. Having been a Damp Environment, the Kawa Shima Maru is now ripe for various Moulds and Mildews to start growing befowling the Ship. It takes about 3 hours to do all the Disinfecting done, and they also burn some Incense Sticks in order to bring a nice smell of Herbs to the Decks of the Kawa Shima Maru.

Just as they are all finished that, Bangohan Dinner is ready and it is boilled Ramen Noodles with Fish Curry Sauce with a Spiced Samosa and a couple of slices of Mango for Dessert.

After Bangohan Dinner is over, Ki No Ronin goes to his Bunk to get some Rest for his next Night Watch. Ki No Ronin has enjoyed a good afternoon of getting a good Suntan and doing good Meditations. He goes to Sleep feeling Well, Happy and Peaceful.
Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,060
Ki No Ronin's next Night Watch was uneventful and nothing unusual happened. The Ocean was fairly calm with a slight ripple on the surface and the Stars were out. The Wind is still holding at a fairly strong 15 Knots and they are at Full Sail going at best speed. They are heading due East along the exact same parallel until they get to a string of Island that extend down from the Southern tip of a country called Myanmar. Although the Islands are claimed and owned by East India, they are mostly uninhabited except for the occasional Fishing Boat, but it is where a lot of Pirates hide out, keeping watch for any fat Merchant Ships to come by to pick off. They wont get there for about another Month and a half, so they have plenty of time to practice their Martial Arts in preparation for having encounters with them. So during their Night Watch, they do some Martial Arts Practice.

When they ring the 6:00am morning bell and everyone starts getting up, they enjoy a nice Asagohan Breakfast of Gohan Steamed Rice with some Fried Buta Niku Pork and some slices of Saba Mackerel with one Samosa each. After eating, Ki No Ronin goes down below and gets a few hours rest before Hirugohan Lunch.

After Hirugohan Lunch they set up the Archery Range. It is a nice Akarui Hareta Sunny Day and it is perfect weather for a round of KyOdo Archery Practice.

They start off with just a round of taking shots at the Target and they are somewhat off from hitting the Target. It had been over a month since they had done any Archery Practice and even end up losing a few Arrows overboard. Each Sailor has Ten Shots each with Ki No Ronin and Yoshimune ShOko-San keeping close watch and coaching the occasional Sailor on how to take better aim and how to calm themselves using Zen Meditation Techniques and proper breathing control just before letting go their shots.

Then the Kawa Shima Maru's Officers have a round of KyOko Archery shots and they are also out of practice. They succeed in hitting the Target no problem, but their groupings of Arrows being together is not as good as they used to be.

After about a couple of hours of KyOdo Archery practice, they stop for a while and do some more Meditation with all their Shirts off so that they can also catch a Hiyake Suntan at the same time.

Then they do some Exercises that are designed to strengthen the Muscles necessary for doing KyOdo Archery. With the quality of the Archery skills that they now have, Nobunaga Sensho-San decides for the next few days, that they should do as much KyOdo Archery Practice.

Then just an hour before Bangohan Dinner, they are given permission rest and relax and do nothing but catch a Hiyake Suntan.

And for the next few days, that is their regular routine. They spend every day practicing KyOdo Archery, Exercising, Suntanning, and Meditating. After about 4 whole days of Practicing, they hold an Archery Tournament. The Prize for winning the Tournament is getting 24 Hours of R&R Rest without doing any duties.

Usually, Ki No Ronin always wins, but it is found that Ikuto-San does have good talent at Archery skills and he manages to beat Ki No Ronin is the finalist shoot off. After Winning, Ikuto-San bows respectfully to Nobunaga Sensho-San and accepts the Sho Prize Tag that he gets to wear about the ship during his 24 hours of R&R. Yamazaki-San is selected to replace Ikuto-San on the next Night Watch.

After winning, some of the Sailors go to Ikuto-San for any extra advice and coaching for their Archery skills, which makes Ki No Ronin feel a bit Higaimoso Jealous, but he controls his feelings during the Crews next Meditation session and ends up wishing Ikuto-San to be Happy, Peaceful and Successful.

During the Four Days that they practiced Archery, they did not see a single ship on the horizon once. They are now about 500 Klm out from India and are still in a good strong 15 Knot Winds making good speed. They have no problems with the Rigging as all the repairs and maintenance done while in Mangalor by Shooji Chorishi-San was very well done and they rigging is holding good. Nobunaga Sensho-San is very pleased with the way the rigging is holding up and commends Shooji Chorishi-San with compliments. This makes Shooji Chorishi-San very happy to have the good opinion of his Captain.

Also, after about 4 days, they Decks of the Kawa Shima Maru are dried right off and have stopped steaming all the time. The Hareta Sunny Weather has caused the Kawa Shima Maru to dry right off to the extent that a couple of Mice that have been hiding in the Hold have had to venture out to find Water. Noticing them on the Fifth Day out, they spend a day down in the Hold setting up mouse traps and watching out for them in the endeavour of catching them. Even though they spent a lot of effort trying to keep them off the Ship in Mangalor and Kavalam, there is always a couple that manage to sneak on anyways. They do manage to catch two during the fifth afternoon and Ki No Ronin goes down into the Hold during his Night Watches and patrols for anymore that they may have missed. During the Sixth Night at Sea, Ki No Ronin does manage to get one.

The Crew's Moral is presently very high because of all the activities they are enjoying doing Meditation, Archery and Martial Arts Practice, and because they have lots of Fresh Healthy Rations to eat.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,061
Then on the next afternoon, they are sailing along towards the East when Nishihara-San shouts down from the Crow's Nest, "Chotto, Chotto! Tohoku de Fune wa Arimasu!".

They were right in the middle of a mid day Meditation Session. They open their eyes and look out towards the North East towards where Nishihara-San pointing. The Ship must be far off enough that they can not see the top of its Sail yet. Nobunaga Sensho-San has taken out his Spyglass and is looking. "Toi ni kono Fune wa dono kurai Arimasu ka Nishihara-San", Nobunaga Sensho-San shouts up to the Crow's Nest. Nishihara-San looks out and then shouts back down, "Tabun Ni Kiro Arimasu. Koko ni tabun Miru koto ga Dekimasu", saying that the Ship is about 2 Kilometers away and probably only able to be seen from the Crow's Nest.

"Miru ni Tzukete Kudasai", orders Nobunaga Sensho-San. As he gives this order to Nishihara-San to keep an eye on the Ship, Yoshimune ShOko-San and Ki No Ronin has already armed the rest of the Crew and is standing by ready to defend the Kawa Shima Maru if the other ship even looks at them with the slightest bit of thread.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then shouts up to the Crow's Nest, "Kono Fune wa Doko ni Itteimasu ka?". Nishihara-San has been looking and shouts back down, "Kizukimasen. Kono Fune no Masuto dake Miru koto ga Dekimasu", saying that all he can see is the Ship's Top Masts, but can not yet figure out which way it is going. He then turns that continues to look out to the North East towards whatever he has seen.

After about a half hour, Nishihara-San shout down. "Kono Fune wa Kita de Itteimasu", saying that it looks as though this ship is going West. He continues, "Kore wa Bietanam no Fune desu. Kore wa tabun Bietanam no Gara Shonen Fune Desu", saying that it is starting to look like a Vietnamese style of Merchant Ship.

"Ichiban yoi na Sakudo wa Iki Nakarebaq Narimasen", orders Nobunaga Sensho-San for the Kawa Shima Maru to set Sail for top best speed. He wishes to go past this ship and leave in their wake as soon as possible. The Ship has now gotten close enough for Nobunaga Sensho-San to be able to see it with his Spyglass from the Bridge. It is definitely a Vietanamese Merchant Ship appearing to be heading in the opposite direction towards India.

From what he is seeing from his Spyglass, it appears that they Crew of the other ship is definitely Oriental and is looking at the Kawa Shima Maru with the exact same amount of tenacity as Nobunaga Sensho-San is at looking at them.

Suddenly, a flag goes up on their Mast. It is definitely the Flag of Vietnam. The Kawa Shima Maru is already got its Flag of Japan flying. Nobunaga Sensho-San decides to become evasive and orders, "Tonan de Kuwurito Mawarimasu. Kono Fune wa Sakeri tai Desu", ordering for the Kawa Shima Maru to turn to the South East in order to avoid contact with the strange Ship.

After making the course change, the other Ship is watched and it seems to get the hint as it does not change their course and they just keep going in their direction and seems to be proceeding to mind their own businesses. This satisfies Nobunaga Sensho-San then orders, "Subete Boku wa Ansen ni Zukutte Kudasai. Futsu na Shukan wa Tsukete Kudasai".

The Crew obeys by packing away their weapons and goes back to their regular routines. Almost immediately after packing away the Weapons, Shooji Chorishi-San gets going on making Bangohan Dinner. This time, he gets out some Noodles that they took on board and makes a Spicey Yakisoba with Saba Mackerel in it. For Desert is the usual slices of Mango.

While they are eating, they still keep a keen eye out for any other ships that might come or if the one they had seen had turned around and coming after them. There is no sign of any more other Ships or any Danger. After Dinner is over, Nobunaga Sensho-San has the Kawa Shima Maru turned back to going due East with a slight course correction to the North to compensate for the amount of distance they had travelled to the South.

Now both Ki No Ronin and Nobunaga Sensho-San go down below to their Bunks for rest leaving Yoshimune ShOko-San in charge of the Afternoon Watch.

Ki No Ronin is sleeping away when there is suddenly a commotion that awakens him. He gets up and goes to see what is causing it. It sounds like an Arguement has broken out in the Crew's Section of the Bow of the Orlop Deck.

Surrey, BC
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As Ki No Ronin gets up out of his Bunk and looks, he sees Yoshida-San and Koshin-San tussling together. They seem to be pushing and punching at each other. Just as Ki No Ronin is getting out of his Bunk, Yoshida-San gets the upper hand and gives Koshin-San a Judo flip. But Koshin-San rolls with the throw and springs back up onto his feet right away and takes a Karate Punch at Yoshida-San. Yoshida-San blocks the punch and gives Koshin-San a Karate Kick, which connects sending Koshin-San landing against the port side wall of the Kawa Shima Maru almost opposite to where the Galley is.

Several Sailors are standing around wide eyed acting surprised at this sudden Violence that has broken out amongst them. They all had been Happy with Good Moral lately, so this sudden discorde amongst them has surprised them all.

Ki No Ronin then grabs hold of his Bokken Wooden Sword and uses the flat side of it to jump in between Koshin-San and Yoshida-San yelling "Tomaru!", and gives Yoshida-San a bashing up against his left arm, causing him to fall upon a couple of other Sailors.

Just then, Yoshimune ShOko-San, who had just recently taken up doing his Afternoon Watch, comes storming down the Stairs from the Quarter Deck to the Orlop Deck. He loudly asks, "Kono Mondai Dekigoto ni Nani Arimasu ka?! Kono Atakau no Oto ga Donata wa Shiteimasu ka?", demanding to know who is making the noise of Fighting.

Koshin-San goes to get back up on his feet, but is stopped by Ki No Ronin putting the tip of his Bokken Wooden Sword against his Chest while saying, "Sagaru ni Inokorimasu!".

The Sailors who Yoshida-San stand him back up and put him before Yoshimune ShOko-San and Ki No Ronin. Nobunaga Sensho-San still remains in his cabin. Undoubtedly, he has heard the commotion outside the door of his Cabin, but dealing with such issues are the duties of his First Mate and Man-at-Arms. If it got to much out of control that Nobunaga Sensho-San had to come out of his Cabin, then a head or two would surely be taken off as he would not use a Bokken Wooden Sword to deal with the issue.

Yoshimune ShOko-San says "Sumimasen" to Ki No Ronin as he brushes away his Bokken Wooden Sword from Koshin-San and points to two other Sailors to do the service of getting Koshin-San back onto his feet. He then points up to the Quarter Deck and curtley says, "Hayai ni Kono Futari na Funenori-nin Niban Kanpan ima Iki Nakareba Narimasen!".

The two Crewmen who had been fighting with each other are taken up to the Quarter Deck and are standing together before the Main Mast. Yoshimune ShOko-San then orders, "Kono Masuto de kono Futari Funenori-nin wa ima Musubi Nakareba Narimasen!". With that, the other Sailors, with Ki No Ronin supervising, tie Yoshida-San and Koshin-San to the Main Mast so that they cant go anywhere else on the ship. They tie them so that there backs are to the Mast, with their Yoshida-San's Right Hand tied to Koshin-San's Left Hand, and Koshin-San's Right Hand tied to Yoshida-San's Left hand. They then put a noose around both of their necks on the same rope with is wound around the Main Mast.

Then Yoshimune ShOko-San then interrogates the two Sailors about what had happened, "Sono Mondai wa doyatte ni Hajimemashita ka?" Both Sailors now look down to the Deck and are both silent.

"Tazune wa Iimashita! Ima Kotaeru Desu!", Roars Yoshimune-San, "Naze ni Atakau Shimashita Ka?!" he continues.

Koshin-San then looks up and meekly says, "Watashi no Chinbotsu na Fune Kishu Shima Maru wa Bujoku Shimashita", replying that Yoshida-San had made an insulting remark about his Sunken Ship Kishu Shima Maru. Yoshida-San continues to meekly look down to the Ships Deck.

Yoshimune ShOko-San then looks at the Sailors who had been down below, and have now come up to the Quarter Deck and asks, "Kore wa Tadashii Desu ka? Kono Atakau no Mondai wa Mimashita ka?" Three Sailors step forwards bowing and of the three Shimizu-San says, "Kore wa Tadashii Desu. Diceru Gemu no aida ni kono Kenka wa Hajimemashita", saying that it is correct and that it was during a Dice Game that the Arguement had started.

Upon further interrogations, it is found that Koshin-San had been trying out the new Craps Dice Game that the rest of the Crew had learned in the English town of the Maidens and was having some trouble understanding the rules, and that caused Yoshida-San, who is still not a fan of the New Crewmates, to loose his Temperance and threw an insult at him insinuated that it was due to the incompetence of Crew of the Kishu Shima Maru that caused the ship to founder against the rocks in the Storm that they were in. It was upon that Insult that Koshin-San lost his Temper and the Fighting Arguement started.

Yoshimune ShOko-San takes down various statements from various Crewmen and then states, "Ashita Kesa no aida ni Nobunaga Sensho-San no Houtei wa Shiteimasho. Ashita Warui na Funenori-nin wa Ansen no Bashi ni Arimasho", saying that when tomorrow morning comes, the Captain will hold a Court Hearing and make a decision on who is to be Punished for this discorde that has happened on the ship.

Yoshimune ShOko-San then orders, "Anata tachi no futsu na Shukan wa Tsuzukete Kudasai", ordering for everyone to go back to doing what they normally do and to mind their own businesses until the next morning.

With that, Ki No Ronin goes back to his Bunk to get his rest for his Night Watch. But he is not please with his Ninja Devotee Yoshida-San for his showing personal lack of Discipline for making such a needless Insult upon Koshin-San, so before he leaves the Quarter Deck, Ki No Ronin quickly spits onto the chest of Koshin-San, who continues to look down to the Deck with a look of shame.
Surrey, BC
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So for this evenings Night Watch, Yamashiro-San of the Afternoon Watch is ordered to stay on and help with the Night Watch.

So for this Night Watch, Koshin-San, who is tied up to the Main Mast with Yoshida-San, is replaced by Yamashiro-San, who immediately goes up to the Crow's-Nest and does the first round of the Watch.

The Night Watch goes off pretty much as normally as it can, considering that there are two Crewmen tied up on the Quarter Deck. The Wind is still a good strong 15 Knots and the Kawa Shima Maru is making full sail making best possible speed. There are absolutely no clouds in the Sky and the Stars are absolutely beautiful.

There is no sounds coming from inside the Kawa Shima Maru. It is dark and quiet down below. No one is up playing any games, or the usual good natured chit chat. Everyone is quiet because they are all worried what is going to happen tomorrow morning when Nobunaga Sensho-San, who has stayed inside his Cabin since the occurance of the Arguement. They are all worried what might happen in the morning. It will be within Nobunaga Sensho-San's duty to make Hotei Judgement on what sort of punishment that is going to done in regards to the Arguement that had broken out aboard his Ship. It is even within his Power and Right to order that one or both of the offending Sailors be put to Death if he Judges it necessary, and that is what the Sailors of the Kawa Shima Maru are really worried about.

However, it might be Judged that a dose of Corporal Punishment might be all that is required and that might be preferrable since they might need every able bodied Sailor aboard the Kawa Shima Maru to defend the Ship when they get to the Unlawful Water off of Indonesia. That could involved a Sailor getting about a dozen or so lashings with a Horse Hide Strap that they keep stowed on board for such necessities.

Secretly, Ki No Ronin thinks that Yoshida-San has shown a lacking of the necessary discipline for being a Ninja, and it is not allowed for anyone who lacks discipline to know the Secret Martial Arts of the Ninja, so in Ki No Ronin's personal opinion, he is Secretly Hoping that Nobunaga Sensho-San orders that Yoshida-San be put to Death so that that the knowledge he does have will go with him. But as far as Ki No Ronin is concerned, Yoshida-San is no longer to be taught anymore of the Martial Arts of the Ninja for having conducted himself with such a lack of discipline.

During the rest of the Night Watch, nothing much happens. They just sail along quietly with a subdued attitude. There is no sightings of any other Ships or any other Creatures. Then comes time to ring the 6:00am Bell for everyone to start getting up. Of course, being tied to each other around the Main Mast, Yoshida-San and Koshin-San did not get much good rest.

Shortly after the 6:00am, the bustling of the Crew getting up is heard and the smell of Asagohan Breakfast being made can be smelt. When the Asagohan Breakfast is ready, Shooji Chorishi-San gives a gentle knock on Nobunaga Sensho-San's Cabin Door and says, "Sumimasen. Asagohan wa ima Junbi Shitei shiteimashita. Ima Ita Dakimasu".

A few moments later, the Cabin Door opens and Nobunaga Sensho-San comes out. He is dressed in his finest Japanese Naval Captains Uniform and is wearing both his Katana and Wazizaki Seppuku no Ha.

He goes up to Bridge and curtley says, "Subete Asagohan no Tabemono Kubatte Kudasai. Kono Horyo-nin no Ude wa Musubimasen. Kono Horyo-nin de Assari Shita Gohan dake wa Ataerimasu. Ima Ita Dakimasu".

Obediently, Koshin-San and Yoshida-San is untied and given bowls of plain Gohan Steamed Rice only to eat while everyone else gets to have some tastey Spicey Hot Sauce and some chunks of Saba Mackerel Fish on theirs with some slices of Mango.

Everyone else is eating, but Yoshida-San and Koshin-San wait until the get extra permission from Nobunaga Sensho-San before starting to eat.

After Asagohan is finished and the bowls cleared away and washed and stowed, then Nobunaga Sensho-San then announces, "Kino Yoru no aida ni Kawa Shima Maru Futari Funenori-nin Kenka Shimashita. Kore wa Dame Dene Desu! Kono Mondai Dekigoto wa doko kara Hajimemashita ka?".

Ki No Ronin then steps forward and states, "Watashi wa kono Atakau wa Tomarimashita. Watashi wa Yasumimashita dekara Atakau Oto wa Kikimashita. Watashi no Tsukuritsukebeddo kara kono Futari Funenori-Nin no Atakau wa Mimashita".

"Naze ni Atakai Shiteimashita ka?", then asks Nobunaga-San, "Donata wa kono Atakau wa Mimashita ka?", he also asks, wanting to know why the Arguement started and who might have seen what happened.

Sakurazawa-San and Shimizu-San then step forward, bow and then start recounting the story about how they were playing that Dice Game that they had learned in England and were teaching the game to the New Crewman Koshin-San. It seemed that Koshin-San was having some difficulty in understanding the game and was making a few mistakes in counting his points when Yoshida-San became a bit frustrated and called him Baka Stupid and Bukiyo Clumsy. This was causing Koshin-San to become a bit upset and frustrated but he lost his temper when Yoshida-San said something to the affect that it was probably due to such Clumsiness and Stupidity that actually caused the loss of the Kishu Shima Maru.

That was when Koshin-San jumped to his feet and took the first Punch at Yoshida-San and the fight started. They had exchanged about 6 or so blows against each other before Ki No Ronin had jumped out of his Bunk and put a stop to the problem.

Surrey, BC
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After hearing what has happened, Nobunaga Sensh-San then asks the rest of the Crew for anymore information that he should know about before making his Judgement. There is no further sounds or comments.

He then says, "Yoshida-San no Bujokui na Iimono wa Dame Dene wa Arimashita. Kono Bujoku wa Irimasen Deshita. Kono hito no Yonaka no ue ni Uma no Kawa kara Ju Go Muchiuchi wa Yaburimashita. Koshin-San no Okotteimashita wa Jiseihin de nai Shimashit. Anata no Meiyo wa Bujoku Shimashita keredomo Anata no Okotteru wa Heiwa ni Meiso Su Beki Deshita. Uma no Kawa kara Go Muchiuchi wa mada Irimasu soshite kono Disu Gemu no Kizoku wa Manabi Nakareba Narimasen", Nobunaga Sensho-San then turns to Sakurazawa-San and Shimizu-San and orders, "Anata tachi wa Koshin-San de kono Gemu no Kizoku wa Oshie Nakareba Narimasen". He then continues, "Rai Ichi Shukan no aida Assari Shita Gohan dake wa Tabe koto ga Dekimasu".

Nobunaga Sensho-San has thus ordered that Yoshida-San get 15 lashings with the Horse Hide Strap and although having a right to be upset because of his Honour being insulted, Yoshida-San should have used Peaceful Meditation to sort out his anger instead of striking out and in order to instill that into him, will have 5 Lashings from the Horse Hide Strap. Nobunaga Sensho-San has also ordered Koshin-San to be taught the complete rules of the Dice Game so that this sort of thing does not happen again and has given the job of teaching the Game's Rules to Sakurazawa-San and Shimizu-San.

So they first take Yoshida-San, tie him up to the Main Mast and Yoshimune ShOko-San gives him his 15 Lashings with the Horse Hide Strap. After doing that, Koshin-San is tied up and given his 5 Lashings by Ki No Ronin.

Once this is done, Nobunaga Sensho-San then half unsheaths his Katana Sword in order to show he is being serious and shouts, "Shorai ni Kenka Atakau wa Itsumo Kinji Suru Desu! Rai Atakau Dekigoto wa Atama wa Kidu Shimasho!", warning that any further Fighting or Arguing on the Kawa Shima Maru will be severly punished.

After this, Nobunaga Sensho-San dismissed the Crew and Yoshida-San and Koshin-San are taken below to rest and recover from their Punishments. Ki No Ronin now goes below to his Bunk to get some Rest from having finished his Night Watch and having dealt with the Ship Hearing.
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