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Everyday Level almost 100 % in Japanese
Almost 100% IN JAPANESE Café Conversation is a Japanese conversation group that meets irregularly in a café in central London. The café may change but wherever it is you’ll get to practise a lot of Japanese, meet interesting people and enjoy sparkling conversation. Each group will be led by a native Japanese speaker, Yoko, who will correct mistakes. What it's not This is NOT a language exchange event you can mind many language exchange events for English and Japanese speakers. This is NOT a Japanese course with books and grammar exercises etc. It's simply an opportunity to practise Japanese conversation in a small group with a native Japanese speaker there to guide and correct mistakes. The price is £10 / one 90-minute session. Drink at the café not included (please make at least one purchase). Important If it is your first time you need to reserve here on Meetup website and also send a message confirmation to Yoko. Sorry for this inconvenience but we have the problem of so many people who RSVP "Yes" but don't show up. Reservations are limited to 7. If there are more than 7 participants, we will extend the 90-minute to 2-hour lesson. If you sign up "yes" but later find that you can't make it then you must change your RSVP to "No". Reservations are obligatory. Please Let us know in advance if you cancel (24 hours notice would be appreciated). If you are interested in Skype lessons, see ( We offer English and Japanese as well as French.

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Paperchase 2nd Floor Art Space

213-215 Tottenham Court Road · London


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This kaiwa (conversation) meet up is dedicated to those who want to improve their spoken Japanese effectively. Not a language exchange meetup between the native Japanese speakers and the Japanese learners. The whole 90-minute-lesson is designed for the Japanese learners. You will improve your Japanese in my classes and speak with the Japanese people outside my classes with "confidence". Our methode is based on our school called LetThemTalk. (See

Our lessons are not like the conventional foreign language classes, where teachers dominate the conversation in the classroom using textbooks.

Most learners need to practice their Japanese to get more confidence. But not only just chatting... which doesn't help in the end, your mistakes will be corrected and explained. What you need is your motivation. So........

Strike while the iron is hot! 鉄は熱いうちに打て!

We tend to put off doing things. But not this time.

思い立ったら吉日!Act now!

Practice your spoken Japanese language in a small group in a café.

You will be corrected by a native Japanese speaker to improve your spoken Japanese.

Those who can / want to follow the lessons in Japanese are welcome at the Advanced Level 100 % in Japanese.

If you have a lower level and you'd like explanations in English as well as Japanese then join the Everyday Japanese Conversation group. Since we offer "conversational" lessons, some Japanese knowledge will be necessary.

We offer Skype lessons too. (See

Read the description of the group to choose your right group.

I'll inform you of the dates in advance so that you can make yourselves available!

See you soon!


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