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If you're into delicious Japanese food and culture, then Ten Sushi #35 has the perfect nights for you! We will be hosting Japanese night every week that anyone is welcome to join! Let's make new friends and enjoy the Japanese culture and most importantly, food. One night will be Japanese films, or games from Japan! and we will have activity with conversation(sushi roll class, origami, study and more) on another day. There will be a special happy hour menu going on during the meetup, both food and drink, so come hungry and thirsty!



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🍣Let's blow cold and feel Japanese Summer!!!! "SUMMER WARS"(サマーウォーズ)

Today, we will watch ”Summer Wars" in which this film got 7 awards such as, Best Animated Film Japan Academy Prize, Asia Pacific Screen Award 2009, and New York International Children's Film Festival, etc. Now is winter, so wouldn't you miss Summer or warm season would you? Let's blow cold and watch "Summer Wars" with your new friends together♡ (Story) Kenji, the teenage hero of Summer Wars, is an alternate for the Japanese Math Olympics team, but math is the only thing he's good at. He works part-time doing maintenance for the global computer network Oz, so he jumps at the opportunity when his pretty classmate Natsuki offers him a job--until he discovers she wants him to pose as her fiancé at her grandmother's 90th birthday celebration. Kenji has his hands full coping with Natsuki's large, eccentric family, who constantly refer to their samurai ancestors as they squabble with each other. But when a malicious AI program known as The Love Machine attacks Oz, Kenji has to solve a series of complex mathematical puzzles to prevent the cyberterrorist from causing a disaster. We are looking forward to seeing you all at Ten Sushi🍣🍵 夏がそろそろ恋しくなってきてませんか? 今回は、冬の寒さを吹き飛ばすような、素晴らしい映画「Summer Wars」を観ます。 新しい友達を作りながら、日本の夏を思い出しましょう♡ (あらすじ) 時は2010年。インターネット上の仮想世界『OZ』であらゆる業務・サービスが統合され、OZを経由する事で様々なネットワークの利用が可能になった時代。 数学が好きで特技の冴えない高校生・小磯健二は、夏休みに憧れの先輩である篠原夏希に突然『バイト』と称して夏休みの里帰りに付き合わされることになる。 その日の夜、不意に健二のケータイに一通のメールが届く。内容は『不可思議で膨大な数列』で、数学好きな健二はそれがなにかの問題だろうと考えて気分転換に解き始め、完成したワードを送信先へと返信してしまう。何でもない、でもいつもと違う夏休みの小旅行を過ごすはずだった健二は、このメールをきっかけに電脳世界と現実世界を揺るがす壮大な事件に巻き込まれていく。 たくさんの人の参加お待ちしております。🍣🍵

Friday Meetup: Japanese(日本語)-English(英語) Talk Time:)

Do you want to connect with Japanese people, learn a new language, discover new cultures and make new friends while having fun at the same time? We organized Japanese language exchange and activities every week. Practice your Japanese language face to face and conversation by meeting up with native speakers. All levels and all ages are welcome! and Smile, it's Friday! Ten Sushi Chef will keep you warm with special winter food from cold weather. It is only for you, please come on time. 日本語が堪能な方が増えています。お喋りを楽しみたい方が多いようですので、アクティビティー無しで自由にお喋りを楽しんでいただける日になっています。 もちろん、店には日本からのボードゲームなども常備していますので、好きな方は楽しんでいただければ嬉しいです。 寒い日が続いていますので、何か温まる料理を用意させていただきますが 当日、予約して来られた方にだけへのサービスとなります。

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