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Monograph - Japanese supper club
A secret multi-course Japanese dinner with the feeling of a trip to Tokyo and where sounds and images blur the line between real and unreal. To confirm your reservation please make sure you get your ticket on ( Monograph is a Japanese supper club in London. We get most of the bookings through our website so please don't care about the number of reservations you see on Meetup. Reach our secret location, sit at the same table with some perfect strangers and be ready for new flavours, emotions and conversations in an informal and relaxed environment. Feel free to bring your own drinks and talk with anyone, after all, it's not a restaurant. About the menu The dinner will start with a watercress salad with sesame dressing. The creamy, sweet and nutty dressing is made by blending sesame seeds, rapeseed oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce and sugar. The smokiness and umami of katsuobushi (bonito flakes) adds complexity to the dish. The next course will be the square-shaped, incredibly silky and firm Sanuki udon served with an umami-rich dashi broth, citrus-marinated Scottish smoked mackerel and mixed seaweeds. For the following course we'll serve Takyaki, a popular Osaka street food consisting in octopus-filled batter balls, topped with brown sauce and katsuobushi. The last course will be a selection of Japanese sweets: matcha dorayaki (the Japanese interpretation of the pancake, filled with green tea powder custard), chocolate mochi (a thin layer of glutinous rice enclosing a chocolate ganache) and aka daifuku (a glutinous rice cake filled with anko, a sweet azuki bean paste) Menu Watercress salad with sesame dressing Udon noodles with smoked mackerel and mixed seaweeds Takoyaki, octopus-filled batter balls Matcha dorayaki, chocolate mochi, aka daifuku Dietary requirements We cater for most allergies and dietary requirements,please let us know your requirements on the booking form. Drinks The event is BYO, feel free to bring your favourite drink. Location Our current space is an art gallery just 2 min walking from Angel station and the address will be provided at the time of booking. Time The event starts at 7:00pm, with the dinner starting at 7:30pm.We recommend arriving by 7:00pm to fully experience the event. What they say about us: "This well-respected supperclub is back" - Time Out London - Listed among London's best Pop Up restaurants for June, May, Apr, Feb 2015 & May, July 2014 by “The best salmon we have ever tasted - we definitely recommend to try this new Japanese dining experience in Shoreditch" - Made in Shoreditch “A killer menu of unique and contemporary Japanese tasting dishes" - “When Wagamamas landed on our restaurant landscape we finally thought that we knew what noodles were all about. But with the arrival of top-notch educators like Tonkotsu and Koya, a chilli chicken ramen in the Westfield Stratford feels less and less like the real deal. Shoreditch's Monograph crew are now here to take our learnings up a notch" - LeCool London “Monograph is a boutique caterer in London, and one that knows how to entice with food concoctions. under the moniker of japanese supper club" - “@monographlondon Absolutely loved every moment of your grub club last Friday. It was great!" - Olivia, founder

Secret art gallery in Angel

The address will be provided at the time of booking · London


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Monograph is a Japanese supper club in London.

We design and host Japanese dining events that regularly change in terms of format and space but which share our aim of creating exciting and inspiring experiences.

We think that dinner time, especially on a Friday night, at the beginning of the weekend, is a time when we are particularly receptive; ready to stop thinking and start feeling.

Our philosophy matches several aspects of the Japanese culinary heritage, such as using a few quality ingredients and simple, efficient and accurate execution.
We then take the freedom to experiment and develop new dishes and flavour combinations.
We really believe that genius lies in simplicity so we won't offer unnecessarily complex dishes and inefficient processes aimed only at aesthetic results.

We are aware that, like any other human experiences, our perceptions while dining are heavily affected by the environment and everything surrounding us like light, colours, sounds, words, people. So these are all aspects that we consider and experiment with when designing our events.

Finally, we think that some of the most powerful forms of interaction are those with other people. Our events are very informal and we encourage people to start conversations and socialise.

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