Karaoke on Eastside

This is a past event

12 people went


Come one, come all! We will be hosting a Karaoke get together on the east side (since they have all the nice places).

"But I can't sing!," you say? Worry not! We will be getting a closed room so you can sing your heart out without judgement :D. Come, pick your favorite song and let loose. If you're shy then don't worry, I will sing with you :)


Location: Twilight 7 Dining & Karaoke Lounge.
Cost: $40/hr - $50/hr (shared between everyone, みんなで分担する) depending on room size (will book one depending on number of signups)

I booked us a large room 😁 at 7:00. We will plan to meet there at 6:45.