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    It is so fun to meet with new people and new food. Come join us! This is an extremely fun group of people. コロラドからシアトルへ来て、丸3年が経ちました。シアトルとシアトルに住む人々ともっと親しくなりたいです。
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    Trying to retain my Japanese lol. :=)
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    I would like to meet people who are Japanese and interested in Japan.
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    I'm a professional living in Seattle for almost 15 years. I am excited to find this group (although I'm not actively participating...) and hope to meet people to share the same interest in Japanese food, the language, and the culture.
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    good food and good people
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    My Japanese level is almost adequate to converse with my children. I organized these events to make sure it didn't get worse. Right now I've moved away to Japan with family, and others are hosting in my stead.