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Trying to teach yourself Java or any programming language can be hard! Come along to this meetup to learn and possibly help teach others! After a long time reading and trying to teach myself Java (and then realizing I don’t know as much as I thought), I decided to start this meet up to allow people who are learning, want to learn or working as a Java programmer to come together and discuss areas of difficulty face to face, engage in conversations about Java and to turn Java from a foreign concept to 2nd nature.

This is a ground up look at Java and how different languages interact and can be used together, we will be covering everything from the very basics to advanced concepts. If you have examples of what we will be covering or something interesting you would like to share from your own projects let me know.

All abilities welcome.

Each week we will either be working on our store project (using Java, and JavaScript(React)) which you can find here ( or looking at some basic problems that we will try to solve with Java.

We have growing list of excellent places to get examples, tutorials and explanations of concepts, code and best practices (look in the discussion board see what’s there and feel free to add to the list/or give a review of a source of info you know of)

We have an area online that we can use to store and review each other’s code and examples at

You can find a short course on how to use github here ( or search google for “how to use github” because there are 100’s of tutorials out there!

A laptop would be a good idea but not totally necessary.

We Currently have Rodrigo leading the way, taking us through the development of a Store Application, and working though the different technologies used and how they react with each other. On the odd occation Rodrigo may not be avalible we will look at and work through short problems and discuss th best way to solve them using Java.

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