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During first part of workshops we are going to discuss approach to persistence in Akka and implement couple of simple exercises.

Second part will let us use our new skills in more sophisticated example of counting retweets and favorites of author of given Twitter phrase.

Meanwhile we will also see how easy and quick intrgration with Apache Camel is. This part of code will be given just for a reference and to spark our interest. More on:!/blog/akka-streams-camel

Note that all 4 API keys for Twitter API will be required to run application successfully:

Exercise will be available on GitHub (, so please clone and compile it before workshops. It's written in Scala, so we will be able to practice coding in this language as well.

To easily build and run code I recommend using idea IDE. It requires Scala SDK, JDK only (I think MVN is bundled in idea). Just remember to set main/scala as a source and add Scala SDK.

For eclipse same setup + Scala IDE plugin will be probably required (not confirmed).

Project can be also run directly from JAR (java -jar {path to built jar}.jar thanks to scala-plugin and shade plugin.