April Meetup: All about Quarkus ! Save the date!


Save the Date!

Preliminary Agenda
17:30 doors open, drinks, networking
18:00 first talk: Quarkus - the black swan of Java: Max Rydahl Andersen
19:00 break with Pizza
19:30 second talk: Commit to Excellence - Java in Containers: Markus Eisele
20:30 short break
20:45 third talk: Quarkus in Practice ... you?
21:45 getting rid of the remaining drinks, networking

Quarkus - the black swan of java ?
Quarkus flips your assumption about how fast and small Java can be. It gives you
super fast start uptimes and small memory and disk footprint.
Perfect fit for usage in Cloud Native and Serverless applications.

Come to this talk to hear about an introduction to Quarkus, how it was made,
what it does and why it makes Java relevant again.

Bio: Max Rydahl Andersen, Distinguished Engineer working for Red Hat on the Quarkus project. Max been working in professional open-source the last 15 years being a contributor to core projects like Hibernate/Hibernate Tools, WildFly, Seam and Ceylon. Max lead the team behind JBoss Tools and Developer Studio its first 10 years and
been greatly involved in tooling especially around Eclipse and recently focused on developer experience around Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Commit to Excellence - Java in Containers
Java in 2019 was predicted to be business as usual by many. We have seen new Java releases coming out as planned, AdoptOpenJDK became the main trustful source of binaries and Oracle fighting for the trademark again by preventing the use of javax as namespace. Everything looks like it would be a silent year for Java. But one thing seems obvious. Java's popularity is not gaining any more traction. New language features keep it up to date but people are getting more selective when it comes to implementation choices. Especially in the age of containers and cloud infrastructures. How will Java continue to fit in? What are the advantages and what needs to be done?

Markus is a Java Champion, former Java EE Expert Group member, founder of JavaLand, reputed speaker at Java conferences around the world, and a very well known figure in the Enterprise Java world. He leads developer adoption in EMEA for Red Hat.

Third talk should be one about using Quarkus in practice, from someone who is already using it on a daily basis at their company. Please reach out to Dominik Dorn if you are using Quarkus in your company already and can share your experiences!