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Why every Java developer should know Groovy language

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Groovy is an awesome language built on top of the JVM. Once you get to know it, it becomes a day-to-day tool you couldn't live without. Victor Trakhtenberg (Commerce Sciences) - a veteran Groovy master - will talk about the use cases Java developers use Groovy for and how it improved their productivity.

After that we'll have a JVM language Smackdown Panel with top notch developers representing each language: Scala, Groovy and Clojure - it's going to be rough so bring your helmet. As usual, we'll wrap up with great beer and food at the nearest pub.

Confessions of a Java developer that fell in love with the Groovy language / Victor Trakhtenberg (Commerce Sciences)
After many years of Java development on various projects as a developer or architect and leading other Java developers, I felt that we can do better; we, Java developers, can be more productive. We can achieve more with less ceremonies. We can get things done with less code. And then I met Groovy. It was not a love at first sight: "Hey, no type declarations? No return statement? No.... ". But then I realized: Under the hood, it is still the same old JVM, the syntax is just different. I can progress at my own pace: Java code is already Groovy code, I can learn feature by feature and then use it at my convenience. That is what I did. For the first few months my Groovy code was almost a Java code, but as I conquered another feature and another feature I got it: Groovy is not only improved Java, there are many new concepts that I was not aware of them before: dynamic language, closures , functional programming, meta programming and much more. Thanks to Groovy I became a better developer. Thanks to Groovy I learnt new concepts and now I am not afraid of any new programming language (I already did my first steps with Scala). Come and hear my ode to Groovy. In this talk I will share my view on why every Java developer must know Groovy. Groovy may not replace Java in your organization, but it will definitely enrich your professional capabilities and make you a better and more productive developer.

JVM Languages Smackdown Panel
We'll have a panel of top notch developers: Victor Trakhtenberg (Commerce Sciences) for Groovy, Tomer Gabel (Wix) for Scala and Nir Rubinstein (AppsFlyer) for Clojure. We've prepared some tough questions and plan to bash into our panelists so bring your helmets - it's going to be fun.


18:00 - 18:30 Rally-up

18:30 - 19:20 Confessions of a Java developer that fell in love with the Groovy language / Victor Trakhtenberg (Commerce Sciences)

19:20 - 19:30 short break

19:30 - 20:30 JVM Languages Smackdown panel

20:30 - 21:00 Open discussion

21:00 - ... Wrap up and drinks at the nearest bar

Open Discussion?

We invite you all to take a part in this open discussion about JVM Languages. We want to hear about your experience and dilemmas you had about using JVM languages in your day-to-day work. The conversation can span many other topics - everything goes. Join us and make yourself heard!


There is white+blue on תוצרת הארץ street at this time, so it should be possible to find parking there. If not, there are a few parking lots on the street.


Pizza, beer and light drinks are courtesy of our host