Jumping on the Graal Hype Train

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GraalVM is one of the most exciting technologies Oracle released in the last years (open source). It enables true polyglot in an organization. Wix ventured into it and lives to tell the good and also the bad we don't read about (yet).


18:00 - 18:30 Rally-up - Finger food, beer & wine courtesy of Wix

18:30 - 19:00 First date with GraalVM - Pijus Navickas / Wix

19:00 - 19:20 Breaking language barriers with GraalVMs polyglotism - Milda Glebauskaitė / Wix

19:20 - 19:30 Short break

19:30 - 20:10 Graal: Using JVM libraries in Node.js - Laurynas Lubys / Wix

20:20 - 21:00 Roundtable discussion on sessions topics

*First date with GraalVM - Pijus Navickas / Wix*

GraalVM - the newest JVM extension generated a lot of buzz in the industry, already earning the trust of such industry giants as Twitter. The promises GraalVM gives definitely sound good: a better performance, ability to run polyglot languages and more. In this talk we’ll learn what exactly is GraalVM, what hides behind the scene, how come GraalVM is technically able to fulfil the promises it gave, and should we jump on the GraalVM hype train too.

*Pijus Navickas*
Pijus is a software engineer at Wix. He is a polyglot developer with main background coming from JVM and C++ worlds. He is passionate about good engineering, developing elegant and efficient solutions. Picking the right tool for the right job has always been one of the key principles of his.

*Breaking language barriers with GraalVMs polyglotism - Milda Glebauskaitė / Wix*

It is exciting to imagine a programming world where boundaries between different programming languages would stop existing, and GraalVM polyglotism feature helps us to cross them. But does it come with a cost? Will we be actually able to create seamless applications, choosing the best programming language for each of our tasks, without the overhead? Together we’ll try to answer these questions and look at some cases.

*Milda Glebauskaitė*

Milda started her career with Python, working in couple Vilnius-based startups, but quickly moved to Scala and NodeJS. Currently working in Wix.com - company that creates a leading web development platform.
She is interested in quality code, test-driven development, and coding as a form of self expression.
At the end of the day, she loves to do kickboxing and is an owner of the cutest dog in Wix.com office.

*Graal: Using JVM libraries in Node.js - Laurynas Lubys / Wix*

GraalVM promises seamless interoperability between multiple languages, all running on the JVM. It makes it trivial to call code implemented in JVM languages from Node.js. However, given Node’s event loop model, blocking it is not a viable option. In this talk we’ll look into how we can use blocking JVM libraries in Node.js as well as call back from JVM libraries into Node.js

*Laurynas Lubys*

Laurynas Lubys is a curious software developer interested in how things work and how to make them work right. He cut his Node.js and Scala teeth working on Wix Code, now working on the system powering @Wix hiring process.

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