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JavaScript CodeRetreat #3

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Irene De N.


TO ALL those attending, please spend 3 secs here: . We’ll give priority to those who did it.

If you’re not joining please update your RSVP to “no”.

JS CodeRetreat #1 and #2 were so awesome that uxebu decided to host the third one too!

A Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. This FREE event gives the opportunity to practice TDD, Clean Code and Refactoring for a whole day. Developers can disconnect from constraints like time and pressure, and train to become better. You don't have to ship anything. JUST PRACTICE!

Want to organise it in your city too? Join us!

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TWITTER: @jsCodeRetreat, #jscr

The JavaScript CodeRetreat is a more focused code retreat. We try to focus even more on the craftsmanship, even more on one language in order to dive even deeper and find out more about how to become better. If you have never done it before, just come and have fun doing your craft! This would be a great experience.

Grafinger Straße 6 · München