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Backbone Baby!

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Yep.. Backbone is next...

This time we're gonna have 2 lectures about backbone -

The first one, by Shai, is intended for newcomers, and includes topics like - Single Page Applications, Backbone's architecture overview, Models, Collections and Views.

The second one, by Oren, is more advanced and will cover the javascript mvc architecture considerations and journey of an open source backbone.js app - Echoes Player ( ( - an alternative UI for youtube.

The video recording for the lecture is sponsored by Tikal (, Thanks Tikal! :)


18:15 - Saying "Heyy.. I know you..." to people you know

18:30 - 19:40 - Introduction to Backbone.js, the spagetti-code buster - Shai Mesisterano

- Break -

19:50 - 20:50 - Backbone.js Architecture Concept - The Showcase of "Echoes Media Player" - Oren Farhi

20:50 - Raffle of free Webstorm Licenses