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* SOLID JS Principles
* How to Manage Your Front End Shared Code
* Coding Conventions


18:00 - 18:30- Mix and mingle
18:30 - 19:20- SOLID JS Principles - Roy Osherove
19:25 - 19:55- To Share or Not to Share: How to Manage Your Front End Shared Code? - Shiri Haim
20:00 - 20:20- How our Coding Conventions Saved My Mental Sanity - Agam Rafaeli-Farhadian
20:20 - Raffle of 3 Free Webstorm Licenses PLUS 2 Wallaby.js and 2 Quokka.js Licenses!!!

*** All lectures are in hebrew, unless stated otherwise ***


SOLID JS Principles (Roy Osherove)

There are many ways to accomplish the same thing in JS.
In this talk we will explore how the five SOLID principles might apply (if at all) to some scenarios and situations in terms of design of our code.
We will cover each idea and try to find interesting examples for breaking it or applying it.
These include: Single Responsibility, Open-Closed, Liskov Substitution, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.


Roy Osherove, the author of "Art of Unit Testing", "Elastic Leadership" and the upcoming "Pipeline Driven".
He works as a consultant for small and large companies.


To Share or Not to Share: How to Manage Your Front End Shared Code? (Shiri Haim)

Managing and maintaining shared code can prove to be complicated and time consuming.
In my talk, I will introduce the Package Cohesion principles as very rewording architecture patterns to manage those challenges in frontend systems.
I will enhance the discussion by supplying practical examples of CyberArk architecture evolution.


Shiri Haim, a System Architect and the frontend guild lead at CyberArk and a web developer for the last 11 years. Shiri graduated her B.Sc in Mathematics & Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and currently, she is an M.Sc candidate for Computer Science at Tel Aviv University.
Organizes and delivers lectures in various platforms and symposia both in the industry and Academia venues.


How our Coding Conventions Saved My Mental Sanity (Agam Rafaeli-Farhadian)

At Armis we grew 10x in the data, 15x in the customer base and 4x in people over the course of a year.
Growing pains hurt, growing pains without coding conventions could drive you insane.
In my talk I'd like to go over some of the coding conventions we used, how we applied them as a team and how they help us keep our mental sanity.


Agam Rafaeli-Farhadian, been coding since 1998, still an amateur as far as I'm concerned.
Currently getting paid for my work at Armis Security and volunteering at The Public Knowledge Workshop (הסדנא לידע ציבורי).


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