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1. From jQuery to a React.js architecture
Stefano Masini

React.js is a library to implement views in a way that is both architecturally sound and performant. It's like unix tools: do one thing, and do it right. It can be applied both to small parts of an existing webapp, or all around in a fully fledged complex product (think about FB!).

In the latter case React can be coupled with existing frameworks, but it really shines with an home-grown Flux architecture – Flux is a set of architectural patterns/best-practices that are being suggested for building complex apps with React.

In this talk Stefano will demonstrate this flexibility with a practical example of refactoring an old-style jQuery app into a React + Flux architecture.

2. Post Modern Objects in Javascript
Matthijs van Henten

Or how to stop using ES3 Objects and start loving ES5. As we developers start building larger applications, the need to organize code, to create concise API's and enforce proper encapsulation becomes stronger.

While these frameworks already have put in a lot of tought into providing better encapsulation, Javascript, as a language, also has handed us a number of wonderful tools.