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Webinar Series: Exclusive React Training (Advanced Level)

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Webinar Series: Exclusive React Training (Advanced Level)

To qualify for this Advanced Level webinar, you must build a basic React app and submit it to the organizer.before July 29, 2017. In our beginners level webinar on July 16, we will cover how to build a basic React App without prior experience.

This advanced webinar will have four parts.

In the first part, we will cover

how to manage states in a large app by using Redux.

And then we will talk how to integrate popular libraries like

• d3

• bootstrap

• material design

• Flow

etc. in your React Application

In the third part, we will talk about when and how to use React native. How to share code between React Native and React the web. Finally, in the fourth part, we will cover how to combine synchronous and asynchronous code flawlessly using RxJS & Redux-Observable to take your JavaScript apps to the next level.

Our goal is to help you, guide you and show you the path to become a world class React Developer. Hence our support is not limited to the webinar only. Rather you can email us anytime and ask for help.

About the speaker:

Jhankar (John-kar) Mahbub aka JS Dude is a curious JavaScript developer, speaker, marathon runner, organizer of Chicago JavaScript meetup and a failed comedian. He publishes his tips and tricks for JavaScript developers at ( and videos on youtube (

He has been giving talks in popular conferences around the world on front end technologies, tools, and frameworks. He published two books on programming. He is married and currently working at Nielsen as Senior Web Developer.

Surprisingly, confirmed that he does have time to shower in between all of these activities!

Watch Live on July 30, 2017, 9:30 PM

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