We are going to give the German Schnitzelhaus another try....I have had a few people recently tell me the food and service were good, so since it is Oktoberfest season, let's give it a try.

Also, I reported at the last meetup that the cost to hire transportation to Orlando and back for a day would be very cost prohibitive - estimated at at least $100 - $150 per person just for the transportation. Those in attendance agreed that this was expensive considering that the cost of EPCOT, food, etc., would be in addition to that. So, we are back to thinking that we will plan a trip to EPCOT during the International Food and Wine Festival, planning to use independent transportation. Of course, car pooling is also an option. To take advantage of cooler weather, and to give everyone an opportunity to plan for the event, we will go on Saturday, October 27. I will be planning on staying the night and not returning until Sunday, and will see about a reservation on Sunday for lunch at the Willow Tree Cafe on the return trip for any of us that are also planning on staying. The Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford is a terrific German Restaurant, but reservations are always needed several weeks in advance, so please let me know by September 30 if you are planning on going.

Also, please RSVP for the next meetup by Saturday before the meetup, and if you RSVP and then are not able to come, please let me know at 716-1713 so that I can get the reservation count correct with the restaurant. They will want to ensure that they have seats enough for us as well as the staff to accommodate us should there be a large crowd.




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