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Jazzville, NJ (http://JazzvilleNJ.com) is a group for jazz lovers to come together, forge new friendships and share their love of jazz at performance spaces all over NJ.

Our aim is to promote the rich diversity of live jazz available right here in the Garden State: talented (http://www.FrankNoviello.com/) local (http://www.RadamSchwartzJazz.com/) acts (http://www.PamPurvis.com/), hungry (http://www.AaronWeinstein.net/) up-and-comers (http://www.EmmetCohen.com/) -- even many of the same Grammy-winning (http://www.paquitodrivera.com/), world famous performers who play expensive, sold out shows just across the river in Manhattan often play to smaller, more intimate (http://ShanghaiJazz.com/) -not to mention less expensive- venues right here in our own backyard.


While most of the events we attend are at venues between Bergen and Middlesex counties, we have scheduled meetups as far south as Cape May and as far west as Philadelphia. A few times, we've even made a pilgrimage to the Newport Jazz Festival (http://www.NewportJazzFest.net/) in Rhode Island. Hey, sometimes a great show is worth a bit of a trek!

As far as jazz styles, we attend events from almost every branch of the jazz family tree, including swing, bebop, Ragtime, hot jazz, Dixieland, Latin jazz, jump blues, gypsy jazz, even jazz poetry in the style of Gil Scott Heron, Amiri Baraka or Robert Pinsky... Pretty much any style with the exceptions of smooth jazz and fusion. (i.e. Kenny G, Dave Koz, David Sanborn or the now-defunct CD 101.9 FM) (Sorry to exclude you smooth jazz lovers, but I don't want you to be disappointed.)


So if you're a pre 1970's jazz lover, I hope you'll join us in exploring the many sights, styles and sounds of jazz in NJ! http://photos2.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/1/8/1/f/event_16806175.jpeg

peace and jazz,


P.S. A NOTE ON SELF-PROMOTION for club owners, promoters, musicians, etc:

While we appreciate event suggestions, if you wish to promote your own events, please attend a group event or two first. It's not only courteous, it makes good business sense to build up relationships with group members.

Become part of the group, contribute, show interest in other people's events, and I promise you, your marketing efforts won't seem like such an uphill battle. Please message me directly if you have any questions or if you are struggling with promoting your events.

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