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The Force is alive and well today – and can be experienced by anyone who wishes to explore it.


When the Discovery Channel released their documentary titled “The Science Of Star Wars”, they included an interview with George Lucas speaking about where his concept of “The Force” came from. The philosophy is based on eastern beliefs, and the methods are ancient energy-based practices. If you’d like to review this section of the film, you may check it out on YouTube:

Lucas said it well: “If you tap into this other reality, you can do things other people can’t do.” The documentary includes examples from current teachings in the Shaolin temples where the monks practice energy-based martial arts. Few martial arts have kept their ancient practices alive, but there are a couple still exploring these techniques.

Most people don’t want to dedicate years of practice in a combative art just to learn these amazing skills – and they shouldn’t have to. Although the methods of The Force are almost always tied to a martial art, healing art, or religious following, it is not a requirement.

The Meetup Group:

First off, we are about Actual MeetUps. No web-based seminars. And no fees. This is about building community.

It is not a martial arts practice. There will be some physical activity, but nothing strenuous – Just enough to allow you to experience the effects of The Force.

Skills presented are from Moto-Ki ( ), an ancient practice of energy projection, manipulation, and deflection. They truly are the skills of the Jedi, and can be very powerful.

It is offered to the young, and not so young, as long as you are 18 or older.

The agenda is simple: In-depth discussions and actual practice of The Force, focusing on practical uses in modern day society. The activities will help you become stronger, more focused, and less likely to be pulled off balance by other people’s “stuff”. The more proficient members get to share their experiences, while others enjoy the benefits of the practice.

Sessions will include, but not be limited to, experiencing the effects of The Force, modern day examples of its practice/use, and coming to terms with “The Dark Side” (without judgment).

The Facilitator:

Brian Rainie is a martial arts master, with 45 years of practice in energy-based methods. His style is quite unique. While more traditional practitioners promote eastern philosophies and methods, with limited results in the United States, Mr. Rainie uses a western teaching style. Participants enjoy this faster, more familiar method of learning.

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