Mtb White Ranch

Jefferson County Mountain Bikers (Jeffco MTB)
Jefferson County Mountain Bikers (Jeffco MTB)
Public group

White Ranch - East Access/Lower Lot

5700 Pine Ridge Road · Golden, CO

How to find us

Find the group in the lower White Ranch trailhead lot

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White Ranch

If you have a light bring it along as we will finish up in the dark!

Standard Route: 10.6 miles 2271 feet climbing and descending

A challenge for all abilities. If the initial climb (Lung Burner) doesn't get you some of the technical sections (Ouch! those are sharp rocks) probably will. This is a intermediate level ride but can be turned into an advanced level ride depending on the loops we complete. Most times the group prefers the more advanced loop. The route will be determined by those that show up on the day of the ride.

Due to the different pace preferences within the group, we will have a split start. Those that prefer a more moderate pace should be prepared to leave the lot at 5:45 sharp. Those that like to go faster will usually leave the lot 10-15 minutes later than the first group. If you are not sure where you will fit within the group plan on the early start.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend this event

Park info:

RULES: 1. Don't be late - We wait for No One. If you are late it's YOUR responsibility to catch up. We are all racing the sunset.

2. No whining. This is a VOLUNTARY ride. If we are too slow, too fast, it's too hot, too cold, or too windy...please stay home and eat Cheetos instead

3. Show up even if the weather looks bad, most times it looks way worse than it really is. If we can't ride due to weather we will end up heading to a local pub for Happy Hour so your efforts won't be wasted.