Past Meetup

The tin drum - a novel by Günther Grass

Hosted by Susa and Rita H
From Jersey City Brunch Book Club meetup


The true joy of a book club is to read a book you would have never touched and to experience how a piece of literature splits the spirits into different camps. Well - we had both with The Handmaids Tale! I learned a lot about science fiction and speculative fiction ... and the passion of the different view points :-)

We chose to dive into the world of literature classics - and the poll results are in: we are discussing 'the tin drum'

Meet Oskar Matzerath, "the eternal three-year-old drummer." On the morning of his third birthday, dressed in a striped pullover and patent leather shoes, and clutching his drumsticks and his new tin drum, young Oskar makes an irrevocable decision: "It was then that I declared, resolved, and determined that I would never under any circumstances be a politician, much less a grocer; that I would stop right there, remain as I was--and so I did; for many years I not only stayed the same size but clung to the same attire."

Looking forward to discussing a classic! Susa