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MINGJO DORJE CONTINUES TEACHING: How To Bring Oneself Close to the Buddha

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Mingjo Rinpoche will continue his teaching on how to bring our mind close to the Buddha. In the last class, he explained the basic principles of the Four Noble Truths which, together with the following verse, form the basis of the common teaching of all the 1000 Buddhas of the present kalpa, the 1000 Buddhas of each past kalpa and the 1000 Buddhas of each future kalpa:

Do not commit any non-virtuous actions
Perform only perfect virtuous actions
Subdue your mind thoroughly
This is the teaching of the Buddha

When we begin to match this teaching in deed, and continue to get the the assistance of blessings from the holy ones, we build the strong mind assets that allow us to deepen our understanding and cultivation.

"Between the moment of reducing the non-virtues and increasing virtues you will come to find a gap , a gap in which you can breathe deeply. In this gap you will be able to contemplate how your life functions and see the truth of your existence and the existence of all phenomenal in the universe." Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche

Through a study of the Relative Truth or Form teachings, and the Ultimate Truth or Formless teachings, we start to understand and get a taste of the experience in practice, ofhow it is possible to transcend the causes and the effects of suffering, how we can transcend the afflictions and winds of change that impel us.

If you have been curious about Budddhist teachings, this is an unusual experience to learn from a Buddhist dharma master how the Buddha's teachings point towards a freer way of being. For those already practicing Buddhism, these teachings will take you deeper.

Rinpoche will continue to give profound transmissions this summer from the heart of the Buddha, passed in an unbroken oral lineage to him and then to us.

We will also have practice sessions to work on the meditation Rinpoche taught during the first class. This is open to all students, including those who missed the first class on June 21.

The mind-transmission practices are only available from live attendance with Rinpoche in San Jose, Calif.

Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche is the 68th lineage holder of Nagavara Raja Lineage. Rinpoche was discovered at the age of six by the 67th Lineage Holder and trained in Wutai Mountain in China.

For a description of Mingjo RInpoche's teaching series see:

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