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All games will be run on Roll20 virtual tabletop for the next few weeks. Depending on quarantine status we will reevaluate at some point in mid-April

The sign-ups will still be conducted on this site. Please sign up for the game to guarantee a spot in the sessions. Thanks!!

Hey! Interested in Pathfinder Society games or Starfinder Society games? We are a group of pathfinder (and some other rpg systems) fanatics who are looking for more players and GMs who want to get some regularly scheduled gaming going.

We typically play Starfinder Society scenarios during the first week of every month, and have introduced Pathfinder 2E games during the second and third week of the month. The fourth week is a grab-bag, with us playing 1st Edition Pathfinder Society scenarios or a replayable 2E scenario.

Please feel free to reach out by direct message if you have any questions!

Upcoming events (2)

PFS(2E) Scenario #1-24: Lightning Strikes, Stars Fall

Online event

*This will be run on roll20. Eric will be running. Thanks Eric!!!!* A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–8. The Pathfinder Society is called to action once more! Venture-Captain Dagur Hawksight needs a skilled group of experienced adventurers to scout ahead of a caravan crossing the Numerian wastes. Only the most skilled explorers can be entrusted with such a mission, for deadly pools of poison, fearsome mutants, and robots of all sizes are only the best-known dangers to plague the wastes. Lurking in the shadows, a gang of criminals armed with advanced technology seek to stop the PCs from completing their mission. Can the PCs overcome the many challenges before them, or will Hawksight's mission end in deadly failure?

PFS(2E) Scenario #1-25: Grim Symphony

Online event

*This game will be run on roll20* A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–8 (subtiers 5–6 and 7–8). In the depths of Ustalav, a nefarious doctor conducts foul experiments on creatures both living and dead from his stolen abode in an ancient keep. Now, the parliament of citizens who own the land the keep is built on wish to be free of the grim shadow that waits just beyond their doorstep, and they've offered the Pathfinder Society the ancient library in the keep's vaults as payments for removing its current occupant. Will the Pathfinders liberate the keep and protect the townsfolk from the terrors lurking within its corridors, or will they join the ranks of the undead dancing to Dr. Velshen's grim symphony?

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PFS(2E) Scenario #1-23: The Star-Crossed Court

Online event

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