The Entreprenuer's Journey: How to Start a Business

Jersey City Tech Meetup
Jersey City Tech Meetup
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We did it friends!! We survived 2020!

While it's been a wild year and we certainly are missing our in-person events, it has also been a year of immense growth, both in personal life and business.

More than ever, people are jumping into the entrepreneurial journey after quickly discovering the need for self-sufficiency in a crashing economy, and for living a life of purpose!


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that starting your own business is not all fun and games (although there is plenty of fun to be had!), and there is a huge learning curve when it comes to business entity formation, accounting, building a team, fundraising, scaling and more of that stuff they didn't teach us in school.

Whether you're well on your journey or just starting out, there is a ton of value to be gained from our expert panel.

Join us as we discuss these topics and all things that come with running your own business - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Let's kick off this year with a BANG by enabling ourselves to succeed in whatever endeavors we are creating in the new year. RSVP NOW to lock down your spot and join us on the Entrepreneur's Journey :)
06:30-06:45: JCTM Intro
06:45-07:45: Entrepreneur's Journey Panel ft:
Clark Smith, Tech Sector Lead @ NJ Economic Development Authority
Lloyd Ortuoste, Co-Founder @ #Baonanas
Megan Eloff, Founder @ Paramour Pursuits
Adam Sternbach, Associate @ McCarter & English
Matthew Barbieri, CPA @ Wiss & Company, LLP
07:45-08:00: Audience Q&A

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