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Exploring aerial photography and history through responsible sUAS (drone) flight.

The Jersey Droners fly from a variety of picturesque locations, often with a story to be told. Our locations are public and we do not get permission to fly. Air space and township ordinances are checked in advanced. We are always prepared to politely leave a location if asked to do so. Your flight is solely your responsibility. Please fly responsibly.

DJI Mission 101 is now offered to anyone new to drones. This session is held periodically, prior to missions that have a large open flight area without water hazards. All of the basics regarding setup, flight, safety, and basic camera settings are covered. Beginners get to learn and experience drone flight with the comfort of help near by. Our experienced members enjoy reliving their first flight experiences while helping someone new. All of the information covered is distributed in our Jersey Droner DJI Mission 101 packet.

(If you would simply like to have a copy of our information packet please ask at any event. We would be happy to share it with you. The packet also includes several pages on photography basics.)

Check out the Jersey Droner Mission Playlist!

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW5x-BYOZ3myLw-Fwxjfqmhz3qMKrLDrU (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8Zd1OYmj9RMo0BjT2BwxlwRJa6-2FoPhj8x8awTUy8Au2Vxs7ZmmbyZilM3As29C38SXyGcySL1YVcwcIPh3EfvnK-2B8-3D_10H_kNxnyS5F-2Bb3O6q5I3nIwIhyIH0bdzsfhqW4bM9GWm8vYws57K9EPmX2ar1RBWvCeJ8VJllpYBHF2deDbyRmh3-2F-2B-2BvpjxNC2tvV8lPI9RC6SIrHdL-2Bd6jhkgb2Aju4Afcgz4BQchxlPlcg5e1VxxvSrb4sK0g8r2J18IT6VehHV-2Fvl6a35OLROMne0Tw7eDLLD9aHr-2BO6GNZg2RajztWiRrZMgAWe6JqysU8lp0G6COg-3D)

Don't forget to join the Jersey Droner Facebook page for a wide variety of information on drones and aerial photography. We look forward to flying with you!

Jersey Droners Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/227565498471753)

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