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New places are great to discover and have fun.Its much more interesting if there is good company. This group aims at enjoying life by sightseeing / going to museum or movies / dining out/partying and whatever interesting ideas that come up from the other members. It is a group of ladies/ girls who just want to have some fun ! Events may be arranged on weekends or weekdays.

Request all prospective members to put up their profile pic. This is a LADIES ONLY group !

Members are requested to pitch in any ideas , a meet up can be created and whosoever wants to attend , can attend the same.

Ground Rules :

1) This is not a ladies kitty party where there is mundane gossip / bitching /cat-fights. If someone doesn't like any aspect of the group/ or are a negative person by nature,they are welcome to leave. Any person found/known to be involved in such activities will be removed.

2) Contacting other members without personally meeting them is unacceptable. If any member receives any such message and raises a concern , the person contacting will be removed (Including messages to sell items).

3) The group has members from diverse cultures / backgrounds , please keep an open mind while meeting people / joining for a meetup.

4) This is strictly a ladies group , spouses / male friends cannot be invited to any of the meetups.

IMP : Would love having volunteers to event organize meetups,if you are interested please drop a message ,please note : No fees required to be an event coordinator,please put your idea up and organise.Thank you! Facebook Group :

Jersey City-Newyork Indian girls Meetup

Request all prospective members to also join the Facebook group for updates ( It is a closed group)

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