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The Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop Meet-up is comprised of ASPIRING MUSICIANS interested in playing and improving their jazz repertoire and improvisation skills. Jazz fans and listeners are also invited to join and come to meet-up recitals and jam sessions
The Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop Meet-up's main purpose is to be a workshop environment which fosters creativity and community through positive support.

Know the Basics: This is primarily a beginner level group, with some intermediate players. Although you may be new to improvising and the jazz language, you should have some basic proficiency on your instrument, as well as a basic understanding of jazz concepts. If you play a chordal instrument, you should know how to play common 7th chords in all keys (M7, 7, m7, ø, o7).

Before You RSVP: Please check the "Instruments/Players" list on the group meet-up details section. It lists all the instruments that are signed up for the jam. There is a limit of 2 keyboards, 2 guitars, 2 bass (upright or electric) and 2 drums. All other instruments are fine for multiple sign-ups.

Positive Learning Space- We're here to help each other grow as musicians in a supportive and friendly environment. Everyone should feel safe and free to develop their skills and explore their creativity without being judged. Negative talk or behavior toward another member will not be tolerated, and that person will be removed from the group. Let's get along, be better musicians, and have fun!

No Session Fee- Donations are accepted and can be made online or cash in-person.

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FREE Jazz Jam Session at the Blue Moon, South Amboy, NJ

The Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop students and friends are invited to jam at the Blue Moon in South Amboy, NJ. JSJW director Jeff Lopez and JSJW drummer Cengiz Baysal will be in the rhythm section playing along with Mike Hogan on guitar. Aspiring jazz musicians are encouraged to attend and jam! Please RSVP and bring your instruments! https://www.jerseyshorejazzworkshop.com The Blue Moon is located at: 114 S Broadway South Amboy, NJ 08879 United States

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