What we're about

This is a new group about helping people living in and around Irvine, California to become disciples of Jesus while making new friends and having fun in the process. To accomplish discipleship, we use Jesus' spoken words as they are recorded in the New Testament of the Bible. The same approach Jesus used with His first twelve disciples.

Everyone is welcome...from beginners to Bible scholars...and from atheists to people fully engaged in ministry.

We focus on understanding everything Jesus says in the New Testament. This approach will help you to gain a greater understanding of the entire Bible.

This group is not connected with or related to any specific church or denomination, just people living in and around Irvine who want to know more about Jesus in the Bible. Being non-partisan, we equally use the King James and the Catholic Bible versions and make them easy to understand. They are 90%+ consistent with each other as to Jesus' spoken words.

(1) While this group has a Bible study component and is GREAT for beginners, it is not just a Bible study;

(2) We will help you identify and effectively grow into your own specific New Testament ministry function(s). God has given you a unique combination of talents that only you have. God wants you to focus on Him and on expanding His Kingdom while you are on earth. This group will help you do that;

(3) This group will also help you to gain greater clarity about God's overall big-picture plan for humanity. As you see His plan, you will come to recognize your role in it.

We look forward to meeting you!!!


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