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JetskiMax! jet ski rental with maximum benefits and none of the hassle! No monthly purchase fees, No marina fees! No Insurance and maintenance fees! No brainer!

Why not live a little and treat yourself to a massive adrenaline boost by renting one of our top of the range, high performance, luxury jet skis the 2019 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHVO and Yamaha is the only manufacturer to have a coloured touch screen display!

Click on the link below to see the the Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO and then scroll down:


You'll be riding the best jet ski available, but you’ll be saving yourself so much hassle because of not having to tow the jet ski, that’s if you have a car that’s large enough to do this. You'll avoid paying slipway launch fees because of having the luxury of using our versa dock where you just gently slip off into the water and then away you go!

Click on link to see the Versa dock: https://youtu.be/ff63nSdNWHQ

You’ll also have the use of the very comfortable changing rooms, and after all the fun you can have a fantastic hot shower. The changing rooms and showers are situated in the prestigious 5 anchor rated Brixham Marina!

If you had your own jet ski in this Brixham Marina then this alone would £108 per month, so what are you waiting for!

Click on link to see Brixham Marina: http://www.mdlmarinas.co.uk/mdl-brixham-mar... (http://www.mdlmarinas.co.uk/mdl-brixham-marina)

Something else to think about is the fantastic physical workout you'll be getting by jet skiing, which you won't even notice because of having so much fun!

Click on one of the many links below to see the physical benefits of jet skiing:

https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests... (https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests/sports-activities/article/introduction-to-jet-skiing/)




You'll also be getting a great tan to go with your newfound muscles, because of the sun's reflection on the ocean, so please remember to take some sun protection cream!

No monthly payment of £521 over 3 years with 4.9% interest for a Jet ski that costs £17,899-depreciates 20% in the first year and 10% each year after!

No slipway launching fees of £17.00 or seasonal £176!

No worrying about storage at home and the having to tow your Jet ski!

No yearly marina fees of £1300 which equates per month to that of £108.00!

No insurance fees per month of £33.27!

No yearly servicing fee of £300 which equates per month to that of £25.00!

No total monthly outlay of £720.92!

What you do pay is the nominal amount of £199 for 24 hours use per month of the very top of the range Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO. That works out as under £8.30 per hour for the use of high performance jet ski that costs £17,899!

We will also update our jet skis at least every 3 years, sooner if needed, to the latest top of the range high performance jet ski! It has been said that a jet ski on average lasts only 300 hrs of use and that's if you're lucky and have maintained it well. Do you want to be replacing your purchased jet ski as often as this!

Yes! It's just £199 for 24 hours. You would be paying £120 for 1 hour on a low performance jet ski that has it’s speed limited, which is what you'll get when you hire a jet ski from other rental operators! That amounts to £2,880 for 24 hours use, but of course this would include fuel and the use of a buoyancy aid within their prices. Again, Under £8.30 an hour with us!

You may prefer to rent a jet ski by the hour, but you won’t be able to rent a high performance machine, it will be a mid range machine which is limited to a lower speed to save on their fuel cost.

Their jet skis will give the max speed of 45 mph if you're lucky, ours will not be limited and will go as fast as 70 mph.

Their jet Skis you’ll pay between £99-£120 per hour, but ours works out at under £8.30 per hour! Their jet ski does include buoyancy aid and petrol, but it doesn't include the true adrenaline rush that your experience on an unlimited top of the range, high performance and luxury jet ski!

There's also the fact that their experience will be on a lake rather than the true freedom and rush you get from touring and jumping the waves on the open sea! You may even be lucky enough to see the wonderful dolphins that are often seen!


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