(Postponed till things settle down) Shabbat Supper Club: The Valley Edition


Shabbat Supper Club is, . . . . for lack of a better description, . . . a potluck on Shabbat that rotates between homes/hosts

It is meant as a way to informally gather and have community.

There are a few rules:
Each person will bring a dish. The Host will assign to coordinate.
Your dish should serve 8 to 10.
Each person will dress nicely/classy
Each dish will be at a minimum Kosher style (For example no shellfish or pork)

A dish serves 8 to 10 and there are . . .there will be PLENTY of food to go around.

Extra food will be put into to-go containers and delivered to a women's shelter or similar outreach.

How much is the cost for this? Zero. But there are some caveats.
Somebody does need to step up as location host. If nobody steps up the event date will be moved till somebody does. Then when the event happens . . . it gets re-posted and a different host (or the same one) can step up. In this way it can rotate.

Event will be limited in size. When you RSVP enter your cel in the box so I can confirm.

RSVP's will be closed after it fills and all is confirmed.

There will be a city version of this posted for a different date.

** This event may contain allergic ingredients.

***Event details subject to change and/or modification as needed without notice.