What we're about

This meetup has been organized to benefit anyone wanting to launch a new career, improve their work situation or successfully conduct a job search.

It is meant to educate, inform and share career and job search experiences that will make the journey for others a bit less scary and difficult.

Bring your experiences and advice to the table for the benefit of other members of this group. You are also encouraged to make each other aware of job opportunities as well.

From time to time there will be special events announced to introduce the group to career-enhancing resources available in the community.

Occasionally, career related and job search products and services may be introduced to the group. As a member of this meetup, if you wish to highlight a product or service, you must gain permission from the organizer to assure that it aligns with this meetup's purpose.

This meetup is organized by Job Search That Works, a project of Spectrum Career, LLC. While paid services are offered on our website at www.JobSearchThatWorks.com (http://www.jobsearchthatworks.com/), there are many free resources available there including a

• Podcast,
• Blog, and
• Free Career Portal for the podcast listeners

The job you do for a paycheck should be the means to provide for your family, give to your community and find personal satisfaction in the work you do. Are you a good fit for this group?

Unhappily Employed: Perhaps you find yourself suffering in silence, working in a job to pay the bills and feed the family, but you really can't see a future where you are. The work doesn't make your heart sing and you really want to spend your work-life doing your life's work.

Underemployed: Maybe you're having to work several jobs to make ends meet. That's honorable, but not sustainable and definitely not healthy. Maybe you are making enough money, but you know you are capable of so much more.

Unemployed: You thought the economy was getting better, but now you find yourself without a job. I may not have the skills listed in the job postings, but I'm a hard worker. There has to be something better. How do I even get my foot in the door?

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