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Year-end meetup

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Luis de S. and 3 others


This is a combined event, please RSVP on the RLadies event, link below:

R-Ladies & R User Group Year-end Meetup

To celebrate a wonderful year of #rstats learning and community, R-Ladies and the R User Group are coming together for a year-end social event.

We’re going to be watching The Computers documentary which tells the inspirational story of the women behind the ENIAC.

In 1946 six brilliant young women programmed the first all-electronic, programmable computer, the ENIAC, a project run by the U.S. Army as part of a secret World War II project. They learned to program without programming languages or tools (for none existed) ̶ only logical diagrams. By the time they were finished, ENIAC ran a ballistics trajectory perfectly! Yet when the ENIAC was unveiled to the press and the public in 1946, the women were never introduced… and their story was lost for decades.

*There will be secure parking available.
Braamfontein Gate
209 Smit Street, Braamfontein · Johannesburg, al
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