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Antiquissimus' Book Clubbing: I, ROBOT

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This is a repeat event for once a month to discuss the book of the month.

This month's book is 'I, Robot' by Isaac Asimov (find it here:,3384124 )

Here are the guiding principles:

No heavy classic lit. If you want to read Tolstoy or Dostoevksy or Dickens, that's awesome. I want to as well. However, do it on your own time. We don't have the time and patience for tomes. No chick lit!! If you're a chick lit fan, you're welcome to start a chick lit sub-group within the group and meetup regularly for discussions. In this, the sub-group I run, we don't do chick lit. No noisy venues. We'll meet at Emmarentia Bot Gardens or Walter Sisulu unless the weather doesn't cooperate, in which case we'll meet at a willing member's home. Attend at your own risk. If you haven't finished the book, don't attend if you don't want to hear spoilers. Not allowed: Requesting before we start that we don't discuss the ending. Let's eat. Bring snacks to each meetup but limit yourself to paying R50-R80 maximum for what you bring. Finger foods and easily snackable items only. Buy a few fruit or some veggies and cut it up or bring croissants or bagels and break them into bite-size pieces. Bring some biltong or dry wors and nuts or fruit juices and flavoured waters. You get the idea.