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Meet&Greet Cheese&Wine @ Lara's house (newbies only-attended less than 15)(BYO)

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21 people went


Hey guys. Since a lot of meetups are heavily attended by regulars, I wanted to create the opportunity for newbies or those who have attended less regularly, to show their faces and get to meet other newbies i.e. not feel like they're walking into a group of solid friends and be the odd one out.

So, you're welcome to attend this meetup if you have been to under 15 meetups.

We'll have it once a month (or so, depending on popularity). We can do a bring & braai at my house one month and a picnic at Emmarentia another month, or cheese & wine, etc.

This one will be a cheese & wine at my place. Each person will bring one wine, one cheese, and one other item (i.e. bread or crackers or cold meats, etc.).

I've placed a limit of 30 on this because it's not practical to have more people at my house (parking and space and cutlery and so forth) but there is a waiting list available. Remember, this event will be repeating once in a while so you will have another opportunity.