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Topic of the Week: What is Justice? What is Social Justice? Color blind social policy vs identity politics (individualism vs collectivism):

Bruce Pardy – Queen’s University Law Professor

Lecture given to a law student group: Has the Social Justice Revolution Taken Law Schools?

Oct. 12 2018 at University of Windsor Faculty of Law

Pardy characterizes social justice as being based on critical race theory:

(31:00): “Critical race theory is a school of thought that characterizes liberalism (and by liberalism I mean the original liberalism, the classical liberalism, the idea of liberalism as being liberated: free to do what you want) and meritocracy, that is, same standards apply to everybody - those two ideas - as a vehicle for white self interest, power and privilege. So, the whole idea that we are applying the same rules and standards to everybody, regardless of who they are, is somehow a vehicle for self interest and making sure that nobody gets there.”

Pardy on social justice in the court room:

(16:15): “(the social justice court functions to) provide an appropriate degree of blame, and compensation, to you based on your group identity. This is identity politics, unfortunately. It’s all about your group membership. It’s Tribal. (18:25) Aren’t we now grown up? Don’t we now believe those words of Martin Luther King, that we assess people on the content of their character, not the color of their skin?... Thomas Sowell (the black, conservative intellectual) said this: If you professed a belief that the same standards should apply to everybody 60 years ago – you would have been called a radical; 30 years ago - a liberal; and today – a racist.”

For a contrasting statement, see the article by Funké Joseph, a Ryerson Student Journalist writing for the publication 'the Unaffiliated Press.' His article title is "O Canada - You're Still racist" and he argues against color blind social policy in the following way:

"A lot of white people like to think that Canada is a perfect place where nobody cares about race, and everyone is treated equally. I don’t know what fantasy land they’re living in, but that’s empirically wrong – racism still exists, and it affects people so, so often. That colorblind way of thinking is already dangerous: it strips away a very real history of oppression, ignores cultures, enforces a white norm and disconnects people from talking about race. So, it doesn’t help that it’s such an astonishingly common mentality."


We look for members who are actively looking to make the world a better place. This starts with figuring out your own life, and then helping the people around you. The process of articulating our ideas and sharing them with others provides a platform for tackling life problems and struggles. The engaged listener is one of the best problem solving tools we have on hand.

“What is your friend: the things you know, or the things you don't know. First of all, there's a lot more things you don't know. And second, the things you don't know is the birthplace of all your new knowledge! So if you make the things you don't know your friend, rather than the things you know, well then you're always on a quest in a sense. You're always looking for new information in the off chance that somebody who doesn't agree with you will tell you something you couldn't have figured out on your own! It's a completely different way of looking at the world. It's the antithesis of opinionated.”

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