What we're about

This is a group for women who enjoy Jordan Peterson’s work to meet and discuss his ideas.

I organise the Jordan Peterson Discussion Group London which is 640ish members strong, and regularly attend a smaller similar meetup on Mondays. I always assumed that there are other women who got value from JP's advice, but I might be mistaken. The meetups I've been to so far have been a major sausage fest. I refuse to believe that I'm one of five women in London who enjoy JBP's philosophies!

As men and women do differ, it would be interesting to hear what other women have gleaned from his lectures, books and online materials. If you're into Jordan Peterson, you're clearly interested in big ideas and self-improvement in general - it would be cool to grow a little network of like-minded women.

Conversations could span anything from self-help, to philosophy, politics and culture. We could have themed discussion events or simple socials. Once we hit 20 members I'll organise a social to kick us off, and we can decide where to take this crazy train.

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Jordan Peterson Women’s Group - First Meetup

The Silver Cross Pub

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