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Welcome Joseph Campbell devotees and newcomers alike! Come join us for a great discussion focusing on Campbell's teaching on mythology and comparative religion as it relates to our current life and culture. This group is for those interested in exploring their spirituality with like-minded individuals in a comfortable and open setting. A basic understanding of Joseph Campbell's teachings is recommended but not necessary. We will start the group by presenting one hour episodes from the PBS special "The Power of Myth" as an introduction to Campbell's philosophy followed by discussion as our starting point. Later topics for each meeting will vary but will use Campbell's teachings as a focus on how we can recognize spiritual messages and opportunities in our daily lives and routines.

This is our intention that this meet-up group hopes to serve for you:

To bring the teachings of Joseph Campbell to the individual, to our community and to a greater understanding of our relationship to nature and our planet.

· For the individual: to help support their own spiritual development and a deeper understanding of their own Faith as well as the Faith's of others.

· For the community: to help us understand what is common to us all and to support our decision-making to grow together peacefully versus create separation. By increasing our awareness of the higher principles of the Campbell teachings we become better and healthier as a community.

· For our planet: to help us relate to nature and our global community though the eyes of reverence and as stewards.

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The Hero's Journey, The Alchemist and Hinduism...Oh My!

Glen Allen - Henrico County Public Library

This is a not to be missed event! This meeting will be lead by Ravi Tallapragata who will share with us a fascinating perspective on one of the most loved and famous books of all time, Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. The title for the presentation is: "The Alchemist-A Modern Wizard's Musings on Personal Mythology, Spirituality, and the Pursuit of the Personal Legend." That might sound like a mouthful but Ravi has a wonderful way of presenting complex spiritual concepts and ideas into digestible, snack-size bites and he is a delight to listen to. Although he spent his working career as an engineer, he has a very advanced knowledge on spiritual matters and has even been featured on various TV programs in the DC area. Using the perspectives of the Hero's Journey, Christianity and Hinduism he will be unpacking even more gems from the book The Alchemist. If you are not familiar with the Alchemist, it can be read in a few hours. The unabridged audible version is 4 hours long. It is called one of the most influential books of all time and people like Oprah, Will Smith, Farrell, Madonna, Julia Roberts (just to name a few) have referred to it as "life changing". And many people (like me) re-read it many times and find that it always presents itself in a new way that happens to meet that reader where they happen to be at that particular time. The Alchemist is a spiritual allegory about a shepherd boy's search for his treasure. Along the way he learns about omens (God's way of showing him signs), his "personal legend" and the soul of the world. I hope you will join us for this month's meeting, it will be a special presentation followed by a lively discussion. And plenty of people choose to just come and listen, so there is no pressure at all to participate in the discussion if you do not wish to. There is a Publix 1/4 of a mile away and you are welcome to bring in food and drink during the presentation if you did not have time for dinner. And if your day was longer than you thought it might be, we understand and you may join us late and grab a seat in the back, we will have a few set up.

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Power of Myth Episode Three...First 30 minutes of Episode Three

Glen Allen - Henrico County Public Library

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