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Are you on your personal spiritual journey?

Would you like to explore, discover, learn about metaphysics, spirituality, alternative healing modalities and much more.

Are you interested in topics for the body, mind and spirit?

Then the JOURNEY INWARD GROUP is for you!!

Journey Inward Meetup Group is part of the CCUU (Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist) Study Ministry. This Ministry focuses on Body, Mind and Spirit.

The mission of Study Ministry is to create opportunities for the congregation and community to engage in meaningful lifespan learning experiences and to nurture, challenge and inspire people on their journey of personal development and spiritual growth.

We will have something for everyone at each meetup.

From time to time we will post announcements shared with other meetup groups. Please support the other groups when making RSVPs for events.

Please send us detailed information about your meetup and we will review the material to see if it fits within our group. We do not allow anyone to just post meetups to prevent advertising without permission. If you are a meetup organizer then you understand why we take these precautions.

If would like to be a presenter, please send us an email on what you would like to discuss so we can put it in review. We do a banner share for 4 month for anyone who is a presenter. Our way of saying thank you for supporting and contributing to the group.

If you would like to be a sponsor, please send us your information along with $24 for the year. This helps us with meetup fees. You banner will be listed for 1 year. That's advertising for $2 a month to reach out members.

Also, Drum circle? What is a drum circle?

Its free style community drumming in a low key, loving, peaceful, welcoming environment.


The only prerequisite is to come and have fun.

Please bring your drums, rattles, didgeridoo and other instruments to join in on the jam, if you don’t have your own we will have some limited hand percussion available to share. The is an adult drum circle but teenagers are welcome. Dancing and chanting is encouraged.

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We are also a member of the One Spirit Drum Circles Council of Northern Illinois.

If you have any questions, please email us by clicking on contact on the left side of the window.

Fee: Whatever you are comfortable donating to help keep the group running on the meetup. No one will be turned away for not donating, but donations are much appreciated to keep the group going with administrative fees.

Let the drumming begin!

We look forward to learning and making the "journey inward" with everyone.


Erv Toth and Bridget aka Dehia

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