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Developing­ a connection with spirit

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Everyone has the ability to connect with the spirit world and to gain understanding and insights from the non-physical realm. Like anything else, if you have the desire to do this, along with the belief that you can, you are well on the road to mastering this ability.

The universe is vast, with lots we do not understand or know, with non-physical energies being part of our universe which we tentatively explore. Non-physical energies are always around us and are keen to connect with us just as much as - if not more than - we are keen to connect with them. They wish to help and guide us to meet our soul’s purpose.

If you would like to develop this aspect of self, be it for your own personal growth or to help you with your spiritual work with clients, take the first step and pop along to this intro session.

Everyone is unique and we all have varied reasons for wishing to progress spiritually in this field. That’s fine: this is a non denominational group, with an objective of helping people discover their own spirituality whatever that means for you.

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