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Welcome to the Journey to Your Soul’s Home® Meetup.

We are a community that believes everyone has a purpose here on Earth and that if everyone lived their purpose we would have peace and harmony throughout the World.

We believe that where and how you live can either support you soul’s purpose or detract from it.

Join us in using our Meetup community to inspire and equip you to have a home that feeds your soul.

You’ll learn how to discern the voice of your soul vs. your ego.

You’ll connect to your soul to get clarity on your soul’s purpose and understand which of the 10 Soul’s Home®ingredients you need most to feed your soul.

Finally, we’ll share our discoveries with one another to support each other on our journeys.

If this approach resonates with you, I’ll look forward to seeing you at a Meetup.

(This group and its organizer is affiliated with On Point Realty, LLC (http://www.soulshome.realtor).)

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Bon Vivant

Workshop at Natural Living Expo

Fairview Park Marriott & Conference Center

Natural Living Expo

Fairview Park Marriott & Conference Center

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