JourneyDance Alchemy ~ Dancing your way into the New Year


JourneyDance Alchemy ~ Dancing your Way into the New Year

What better way to step into the new chapter in our lives that 2019 marks, than through movement, ritual and community?

Any significant transition requires acknowledging and processing what we are carrying from the previous phase, releasing what is no longer needed, and clearing the space (especially our inner, energetic space) for what is ready to be received, cultivated and expressed through us.

Our dance this time also takes place just a few days ahead of an important full moon and lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. As Jamie Partridge writes in

"With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months."

This JourneyDance class will be one of clearing out and inviting in.

We will reach deep within to connect with our true inner experience and bring it out on the dance floor, to be seen and honoured, before we transition into calling in and embodying our Visions and Dreams for the New Year.

We will move through the chakras using movement alchemy practices to release old energies and patterns from each energy centre, which will then create a clear channel for the powerful ecstatic force of Shakti, the liquid fire energy of Awakening and Evolution, to flow through uninhibited and guide us to our true Desires, our true Soul Path.

Some of the Ritual Choreographies we will be playing with will be:

{Clearing Out}

Rooting down into the New Year
Release & Embodiment. 'I am here now'.

Tell your Story to the Dance Floor
Snake Choreography; Shedding Old Skin

Fire Ritual; Burning what is no longer serving you
Meet your Inner Shaman to receive guidance for the New Year

My Heart; Moving (with) your Heart
Inner Child; connecting with 'little you'

{Inviting In/Manifesting}

Dance of Desire; surrendering to Shakti to guide our way
Garden of Dreams; tasting the 'fruit' of your dreams and visions, embodying your visions through the senses

You are the Prayer; dancing with the Divine inside the Body, communing with Source Energy, becoming One

Join us to let go of any blocks to the full expression of your creativity and plant the seeds of your intentions for the New Year, as you immerse in gratitude and celebration of your journey so far and of all that is to come for you!

Can't wait to see you on the dance floor!
Stella xo