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There was a time during which I felt utterly alone; isolated from both my family and friends, with an expanding divide? I'd be amongst a lively crowd feeling like I was a hyper or hypo noticeable, a "handicapped" person whom no one understood. I'm Felicia, I am both humbled and pleased to be your Chronic Pain, to Discovering Your New Normal, Coach. I am thrilled to assist in your journey through Joy Beyond Pain. In fact, this is very much a journey we will walk through, side by side, in many ways.

Pain is a special stimulus which inserts, often interrupts, controls, and can even consume us. No matter whether it be chronic physical pain, traumatic experience pain, emotional pain, or residual self-consciousness anguish; it can render us feeling powerless and defeated! Avail yourself of the best coaching, support, and kinship; you're worth it and time wait for no woman nor man. This is our time for a joyous and continuously enlightening transformation.

Perpetual states of pain wear on you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, as well as physically. Often times our closest loved ones are simply unable to understand the depth of our struggle, the challenges of our day to day, or the emotional price paid for feeling inadequate. In addition, the most difficult dynamics to navigate are the one within ourselves and inside our most intimate circles.

Come, exhale, express, release, transform, and relax with those who relate to us, both the struggles and the triumphs. Join those of us who understand your perspective and are dedicated to growing, finding resolve, and betterment in all categories of our lives. Discover your new normal with swagger, sophistication, and dignity!

Hope you'll join us soon!

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